Entertainment - General Knowledge Quiz 3 (15 questions)

1. Who recorded the 1985 Album of the Year Graceland?

2. Who starred as Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files?

3. Who wrote Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?

4. In which movie did Vivien Leigh play Blanche Du Bois?

5. In a vintage TV series which family lived at 5/8 Crestview Drive?

6. Who played Captain Spalding in Animal Crackers and Rufus T. Firely in Duck Soup?

7. Which 1996 movie about the Salem witchcraft trials starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder?

8. Who played Steven Taylor in Doctor Who?

9. In which 1977 movie did Diane Keaton first play opposite Woody Allen?

10. Who played New York book editor Martin Tupper in the 90's TV comedy series Dream On?

11. Which 70's pop star, the son of an East End docker, was born David Cook in July 1947?

12. Who wrote The Byrds hit Tambourine Man?

13. What was the name of Ian Dury's backing group?

14. Who duetted with David Bowie on the Christmas hit single Peace On Earth?

15. Which character, the subject of several movies and TV series was originally created by Bob Kane and published in DC Comics?


Entertainment - General Knowledge Quiz 3 Answers

1. Paul Simon

2. James Garner

3. Mozart

4. A Streetcar Named Desire

5. The Clampitts

6. Groucho Marx

7. The Crucible

8. Peter Purves

9. Annie Hall

10. Brian Benben

11. David Essex

12. Bob Dylan

13. Blockheads

14. Bing Crosby

15. Batman