1. Which is the heaviest insect?
  2. Where do locusts lay their eggs?
  3. What is the job of the soldier ant?
  4. Give the other name for the shell of a tortoise or turtle.
  5. Where is the rattlesnake's rattle?
  6. Why do glow-worms glow in the dark?
  7. Bees store food and raise young in hexagonal cells made from what?
  8. The earthwork has several pairs of tiny bristles called chaetae on its body. What are they used for?
  9. How do a python and a boa kill their prey.
  10. The body of an insect is divided into how many sections?
  11. Where do dragonflies spend their early life?
  12. The loud ticking sound produced by the death watch beetle as it knocks against timbers to attract a made was once thought to herald what unhappy event?
  13. What is an invertebrate?
  14. Into what does the butterfly egg hatch?
  15. What do the North American Gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard have in common?
  16. Where does the silk moth lay its eggs?
  17. To which order to butterflies and moths belong?
  18. How does the stag beetle get its name?
  19. There are three typed of bee in a hive. What are they?
  20. How do ants recognize one another?
  21. Which are the largest living reptiles and the closest relatives of the dinosaurs?
  22. The name of the 'atlas' moth, the largest moth, reflects its size. What is the smallest called?
  23. What happens to the garden snail in winter?
  24. What is the name given to the change insects undergo as they change from larvae to adults?
  25. When a snake has its tongue out, what is it likely to be doing?



  1. Beetle
  2. In sand
  3. To guard the colony
  4. Carapace
  5. The top of the tail
  6. To attract mates
  7. Wax
  8. Gripping the walls of the tunnel as it moves along
  9. Coil it around and squeeze
  10. Three
  11. In water
  12. Death in the house
  13. A creature without a backbone
  14. Caterpillar
  15. Poisonous bite
  16. On the leaves of mulberry trees
  17. Lepidoptera
  18. From its antler-like horns
  19. Queen, workers and drones
  20. By smell
  21. Members of the crocodile family
  22. Pygmy
  23. It hibernates
  24. Metamorphosis
  25. 'Tasting' the air to smell out other animals



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