1. What organs enable fish to breathe under water?
  2. What happens to a starfish if it loses an arm?
  3. Which is the fastest sea mammal?
  4. What are the tiny plants and animals that float in the top layer of the sea called?
  5. Which birds breed on the soda lakes of East Africa?
  6. What is an otter's home called?
  7. How many tentacles has an octopus?
  8. Dolphins often travel in family groups. What are they called?
  9. Why do spoonbills and flamingos swing their heads from side to side in water or mud?
  10. Many fish have a swim bladder, like a bag of air, inside their bodies. What is its purpose?
  11. Which river-living mammal has a duck-like beak and lay eggs?
  12. The giant Victoria water lily of South America is the largest water plant. Which is the smallest?
  13. What is the other name for a manatee?
  14. What group of fish do lampreys and hagfish belong to?
  15. What are limpets?
  16. What does the huge ( up to 12 metres long) whale shark eat?
  17. What is a male swan called?
  18. How do whales breathe?
  19. What is unusual about the way the sea horse hatches its young?
  20. Where do demersal fish live?
  21. What actually is the world's smallest living species of fish?
  22. Which type of shark is the most dangerous to people?
  23. Very rarely an occasional oyster miraculously produces a pearl. What causes this to happen?
  24. Small fish almost always swim in groups for protection from predators. What are these groups called?
  25. What is the correct terminology for an infant eel?



  1. Gills
  2. It grows a new one
  3. Killer Whale
  4. Plankton
  5. Flamingos
  6. Holt
  7. Eight
  8. Pods
  9. They are filtering out food
  10. It makes them lighter and helps them to float
  11. The platypus
  12. Algae
  13. Sea Cow
  14. Agnatha or jawless
  15. Sea snails
  16. Plankton
  17. A cob
  18. Through the blowholes on the top of the head
  19. The male keeps the eggs in his pouch until they hatch
  20. At the bottom of the sea
  21. A type of goby
  22. The great white shark
  23. A sand grain inside the shell
  24. Shoals
  25. Elver



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