1. Where is the largest of the world's rain forests?
  2. Elephants and buffaloes are herbivores. What does this mean they feed on?
  3. To which family of animals does the ocelot belong?
  4. Twenty per cent of all drugs contain extracts of rainforest plants. From what does the malaria drug quinine derive?
  5. What do scientists call plants or animals that are studied to check the health of a particular environment?
  6. What particular type of animal is the very agile tree-climbgin tamandua from South America?
  7. What is the other name for the animal known as the flying fox (so called because of its fox-like face) which feeds on fruits such as figs, bananas and mango's?
  8. Why does the Australian animal the koala not need to drink?
  9. How does the male cricket attract a mate?
  10. What type of plants are epiphytes?
  11. Which is the largest of the tree-dwelling apes, whose name means 'forest man'?
  12. What are the proper names for male and female badgers?
  13. Which is the world's biggest deer?
  14. If you were escaping from an angry black bear, could you do this by climbing a tree?
  15. From what part of the oil palm tree is the oil used to make soap, margarine and candles taken?
  16. Why is the Midwife Toad so-called?
  17. What is the annual rainfall of the 'rainforest'?
  18. What purpose do the vivid orange and black stripes of the tiger centipede fulfil?
  19. What is the principal food of the giant panda?
  20. Which Australian bird is often called the 'alarm bird' or 'breakfast bird' because its call is particularly loud in the morning?
  21. What is the dominant feature of the pot-bellied, tree-living proboscis monkey?
  22. What is the largest parrot in the rainforest?
  23. What substance, taken from forest trees, goes into the making of rubber?
  24. Where is the largest tropical forest in Africa?
  25. The skin on the trout of a frog can expand like a balloon for what purpose?



  1. Amazon basin
  2. Plants
  3. Cats
  4. Tree bark
  5. Indicator species
  6. Anteater
  7. Fruit bat
  8. It contains sufficient moisture from eucalyptus leaves
  9. It stridulates (rubs parts of its body together to make a shrill sound)
  10. The live on other plants but do not damage them
  11. Orangutan
  12. Boar and sow
  13. Moose
  14. No, they can climb
  15. The fruit
  16. The male carries the eggs on its hind legs
  17. 300-600cm (120-240 in)
  18. They warn enemies that it is poisonous
  19. Bamboo shoots
  20. Kookaburra
  21. A huge, bulbous nose
  22. Macaw
  23. A milky white juice called latex
  24. Congo basin
  25. To make its mating call louder



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