1. Do frogs hunt mainly by smell, hearing or sight?

2. Which is larger, a duck or a goose?

3. Are scorpions plant-eaters?

4. Do any frogs climb trees?

5. Are acorns seeds of the oak or the holly tree?

6. Can seagulls swim underwater?

7. Which is larger, the African or the Asian elephant?

8. Do earthworms eat insects or dead plant material?

9. Gorillas catch and eat monkeys - true or false?

10. Do seals give birth at sea or on land?



1. Sight

2. A goose

3. No (they eat insects and spiders)

4. Yes

5. The oak

6. Can seagulls swim underwater?

7. The African elephant

8. Dead plant material

9. False - they are vegetarians

10. On land



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