1. In the fairy tale, which bird laid golden eggs?

2. Does a crocodile have three or five toes on each front foot?

3. Are centipedes hunters or vegetarians?

4. Which furry animal flies on wings of skin?

5. Do coconuts grow underground or on trees?

6. Do all birds have beaks?

7. Which snake's head can be as big as a human's - the king combra or vine snake?

8. Is a jellyfish a plant or an animal?

9. Mammals feed milk to their babies - true or false?

10. Does the gorilla live in jungles or deserts?



1. A goose

2. Five

3. Hunters

4. The bat

5. On trees

6. Yes

7. The king cobra

8. An animal

9. True

10. Jungles



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