1. Can fish find their way in the dark?

2. What is a Gecko - a Lizard, Snake, or Turtle?

3. Housefly, scorpion, spider - which is the insect?

4. Which type of animal was Winnie the Pooh's friend Eeyore?

5. What are the fruits of roses called - haws, hips or sloes?

6. Do swallows fly north or south for in autumn?

7. Can snakes mimic the squeaks of their mice prey?

8. many bats spend the day in caves - true or false?

9. Which animal provides the liquid from which most butter is made?

10. Do mussels swim freely or stay fixed to rocks?



1. Yes - using water pressure change

2. A lizard

3. Housefly

4. A donkey

5. Hips

6. South

7. No - they only hiss

8. True

9. The cow

10. Stay fixed to rocks



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