1. Which large sea fish sometimes attacks humans - the Shark, Skate or Manta Ray?

2. Did Tyrannosaurus Rex occasionally walk on four legs?

3. Where does the kangaroo keep its young?

4. Do insects have 6, 8 or 10 legs?

5. Do starfish live in the sea or rivers?

6. Do pine trees have broad leaves or needles?

7. Which baby reptile squeaks inside its egg - a Lizard, Crocodile or Snake?

8. Which eight-legged creature builds a web to catch prey?

9. Which is smaller, a chimpanzee or a gorilla?

10. Is the worlds largest bird the ostrich or the vulture?



1. The shark

2. No. It's front legs were too small

3. In a pouch

4. 6 legs

5. In the sea

6. Nedles

7. Crocodile

8. The spider

9. A chimpanzee

10. The ostrich



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