• The Square Box Quiz


    1. Which 1954 film won Marlon Brando his first best actor award?
    2. In what capacity did Judge Ito become a TV celebrity in the 1990s?
    3. Out of all favourite casino games which has James Bond played in the most films?
    4. Which kids' show did Litte Weed appear?
    5. In 'Mission Impossible' the tape always ended with a self-destruct warning, how long was it before the tape blew up?
    6. Anthony Hopkins based his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lambs' on which British comedian?
    7. 'The Likely Lads' broadcast its last episode in 1966. When did 'Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads' start?
    8. Bernard Youens died in 1984. Which role did he play in 'Coronation Street'?
    9. In which 1970s British kids show would you have found the characters Billie, Brains, Doughnut, Scooper, Spring, Sticks and Tiger?
    10. What were the names of the Harts in 'Hart to Hart'?
    11. Who sang 'I Could Be So Good For You', the closing theme tune to 'Minder'?
    12. 'The Big Breakfast' was a popular early morning TV program. What was the name of its replacement which was first aired in 2002?
    13. In which 1968 film did Charlton Heston play an astronaut stumbling across the toppled figure of the Statue of Liberty on a beach?
    14. On 'Coronation Street' who was the editor of The Weatherfield Recorder?
    15. When did Ceefax start broadcasting (to within 6 years)?
    16. Which comedian died in 1984 after collapsing on stage during the show 'Live from Her Majesty's'?
    17. 'The Sound of Music' told the story of which family?
    18. Who was the child star of, 'Pay it Forward', 'The Sixth Sense', and 'A.I'?
    19. In 1983 the first daily quiz show was aired on TV in Britain; what was it?
    20. Which US Drama series of the 1980s was set in Denver, Colorado? 


    1. 'On The Waterfront'
    2. He was the Judge in the OJ Simpson trial
    3. Baccarat
    4. Bill and Ben
    5. Five seconds
    6. Tommy Cooper
    7. 1973
    8. Stan Ogden
    9. Here Come The Double Deckers
    10. Jonathan and Jennifer
    11. Dennis Waterman
    12. RI:SE
    13. 'Planet of the Apes'
    14. Ken Barlow
    15. 1974
    16. Tommy Cooper
    17. The Von Trapp Family
    18. Haley Joel Osment
    19. Blockbusters
    20. Dynasty
  • TV Quiz - Cartoons


    1. Who created The Simpsons?

    2. What did Yogi Bar steal in Jellystone Park?

    3. Cartoon character Popeye has a hamburger-eating friend called Wimpy: true or false?

    4. What was the name of the bespectacled, intelligent, plain girl in Scooby Doo?

    5. Which Oscar-winning animator helped create Daffy Duck and Road Runner?

    6. Which TV cartoon duo's name did Simon and Garfunkel perform under early in their career?

    7. In cartoon films, who regularly says: 'What's up, Doc?'?

    8. And who says: 'I taut I taw a buddy tat'?

    9. What kind of animal is Babar?

    10. Which pirate captain was always under attack from Cut Throat Jake?

    11. Of whose gang were Benny the Ball and Choo Choo members?

    12. Which cartoon character appeared in a number of films involving Inspector Clouseau?

    13. Which short-sighted old gentleman has a nephew called Waldo?

    14. Which partnership, later a company, created Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear and the Flintstones?

    15. With which little blue cartoon characters did 'Father Abraham' hit the pop charts?



    1. Matt Groening

    2. Picnic baskets

    3. True

    4. Velma

    5. Chuck Jones

    6. Tom and Jerry

    7. Bugs Bunny

    8. Tweety Pie

    9. An elephant

    10. Captain Pugwash

    11. Top Cat's

    12. The Pink Panther

    13. Mr Magoo

    14. (William) Hanna and (Joe) Barbera

    15. The Smurfs

  • TV Quiz - Children's TV


    1. Who works his futuristic three-day week at Spacely Space Sprockets?

    2. Who is the Captain of the Trumpton fire brigade?

    3. Which Magpie presenter was the daughter of a star of the ITMA radio series?

    4. What kind of creature was Gentle Ben?

    5. Which US state was the setting for Flipper?

    6. Which satellite channel offers viewers the chance to Watch Your Own Wednesday?

    7. Who presents ITV's Art Attack?

    8. Which fictional village would you visit to meet Alf Thompson and Granny Dryden?

    9. Who had a 1984 hit with the Fraggle Rock theme?

    10. Which children's series is set in a youth club in the North East of England?

    11. What colour hair grows on Edd the Duck's head?

    12. What name was given to the masked character who threw custard pies around in TISWAS?

    13. In Thunderbirds, what make and colour was Lady Penelope's car?

    14. Which human originally appeared with Gordon the Gopher?

    15. Which programme began; 'Here is a house; Here is a door; Windows one, two, three, four...'?



    1. George Jetson

    2. Captain Flack

    3. Jenny Hanley

    4. A bear

    5. Florida

    6. Nickelodeon

    7. Neil Buchanan

    8. Greendale

    9. The Fraggles

    10. Byker Grove

    11. Green

    12. The Phantom Flan Flinger

    13. Rolls-Royce and it was pink

    14. Phillip Schofield

    15. Play School

  • TV Quiz - Eastenders


    1. Which one-time Albert Square resident was a counsellor for the Samaritans?

    2. Who set the Dagmar on fire?

    3. Which Queen Vic landlady was backed by the Simon May orchestra on her biggest chart hit?

    4. Who left Grange Hill for Tucker's Luck and eventually ended up on the East End market?

    5. Why did Pete Beale lose his driving license?

    6. Which Albert Square resident was a bit of a fortune-teller and very fond of her pet pug, Willy?

    7. Which fictitious London Borough is the soap's setting?

    8. Which husband and wife team originally ran the cafe?

    9. Which rather sorry character did Michelle Fowler jilt at the alter only to marry in a later episode?

    10. The beer served at The Vic is supplied by which brewery?

    11. Which family live at No 45 Albert Square?

    12. Who was later revealed to be responsible for the death of Reg Cox in episode one?

    13. What was the name of the teenage band formed by Sharon Watts and Kelvin Carpenter?

    14. What was the title of the show's 'prequel' spin-off, screened in 1988, that looked back to the Albert Square of 1942?

    15. Which former barman topped the charts with his recording of Every Loser Wins in 1986?



    1. Kathy (Beale) Mitchell

    2. 'Dirty' Den Watts

    3. Anita Dobson

    4. Todd Carty

    5. For drink driving

    6. Ethel Skinner

    7. Walford E20

    8. Ali and Sue Osman

    9. Lofty Holloway

    10. Luxford & Copley

    11. It is the home of the Beale family and also was once the home of the Fowler family.

    12. 'Nasty' Nick Cotton

    13. The Banned

    14. Divvy Street

    15. Nick Berry

  • TV Quiz - Sitcoms


    1. Who sang the No Honestly theme song?

    2. Who owned the store in Are You Being Served?

    3. Who, collectively, are Dorothy, Rose, Sophia ad Blanche?

    4. Who did Richie Cunningham use as a stand-in when he married Lori Beth by telephone?

    5. Which comedy series saw Ashley and Elaine involved in a pizza war?

    6. What is the name of the show where John Goodman plays the husband, Dan?

    7. Which Happy Days star became Father Dowling?

    8. Which American comedy series had a spin-off called Tabatha?

    9. Who played Chrissy in the 70s sitcom Man About The House?

    10. Which Mary Tyler Moore Show character claimed that his favourite colour was plaid?

    11. Which sergeant was in charge of Corporate Henshaw?

    12. What was Timothy's job in Sorry?

    13. Which of The Likely Lads had a sister called Sheila?

    14. Which series links Nerys Hughes with Polly James?

    15. Which of the services was the setting for Get Some In?



    1. Lynsey De Paul

    2. Young Mr Grace

    3. The Golden Girls

    4. The Fonz

    5. The Two of Us

    6. Roseanne

    7. Tom Bosley

    8. Bewitched

    9. Paula Wilcox

    10. Ted Baxter

    11. Sergeant Bilko

    12. Librarian

    13. Terry

    14. The Liver Birds

    15. The RAF 

  • TV Quiz - Soaps


    1. Where did Bet Gilroy first work on The Street?

    2. What was the brewery's scheme to update the Rovers which outraged the regulars and how did Bet thwart their plans?

    3. Bet's Trucker boyfriend Charlie entered her into a lookalike contest as which country and western star?

    4. Anita Dobson starred in an ill-fated sitcom. What was her job and what was the series called?

    5. Elsie Tanner walked up the aisle with US airman Steve Tanner, but which Coronation Street regular did she turn down twice?

    6. A youthful John Alderton starred in Emergency - Ward 10, but can you name two series in which he starred with his wife Pauline Collins?

    7. Why did Brookside's devoted dad Billy Corkhill receive a three-month suspended sentence?

    8. What method did Hilda Ogden use to predict the future?

    9. Craig McLachlan started off as Henry in Neighbours but went on to star in which other soap?

    10. Which soap star appeared with Hylda Baker and Roger Howlett in the sitcom Not On Your Nellie?

    11. Who did Stephanie Beacham play in Dynasty?

    12. Which actor originally played Emmerdale's Jack Sugden?

    13. Who donned power suits and shoulder pads to be transformed into one of soap's biggest superbitches for her role in Dynasty?

    14. Who was Annie Sudden's wastrel husband?

    15. Who is Coronation Street's only original character?



    1.  Raincoat factory

    2. A Yankee theme pub but Bet staged a sit-in to stop them

    3. Dolly Parton

    4. Hairdresser - Split Ends

    5. Len Fairclough

    6. Upstairs, Downstairs and Forever Green

    7. He attacked Peter Montague, the geography teacher with whom daughter Tracy was having an affair

    8. Reading the tea leaves

    9. Home and Away

    10. Wendy Richard

    11. Sable Colby

    12. Andrew Burt

    13. Joan Collins

    14. Jacob

    15. Ken Barlow