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  • Final Fantasy XIV Quiz


    1. What is the name of the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn?

    2. What title do you receive upon reaching level 60 with Astrologian?

    3. What dungeon do you unlock from the Main Story Quest at level 57?

    4. From 'A Realm Reborn' and the 'Heavensward' expansion, what are the names of the currently available tank jobs?

    5. What is the name of the upcoming 2nd expansion?

    6. What move does Bard learn at level 60?

    7. What is a rotation?

    8. What is the name of the Ul'dahn Sultana?

    9. What is the name of the dragon fought in the trial "The Final Steps Of Faith"?

    10. How are job classes categorised in Final Fantasy XIV?

    11. Who is Estinien?

    12: Who are the main three primals featured in "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn"?

    13. What is the level 50 Paladin weaponskill called?

    14. What are the names of faeries summoned by Scholars?

    15. What is the name of White Mage's level 50 instant heal?

    16. What is the name of the 10th Alexander raid?




    1. Minfilia.

    2. Stargazer.

    3. The Vault.

    4. Paladin, Warrior, and Dark Knight.

    5. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

    6. Sidewinder.

    7. A series of moves used in a pattern or way that increases the efficiency/potency of your playing.

    8. Nanamo Ul Namo.

    9. Nidhogg

    10. Into tank classes, healer classes, and DPS classes.

    11. The current Azure Dragoon.

    12. Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda.

    13. Circle of Scorn.

    14. Eos and Selene.

    15. Benediction.

    16. Alexander - The Eyes Of The Creator.

  • 1. How many County Championships did Middlesex win under Mike Brearley?

    2. How many of his 99 Grand Prix did Jackie Stewart win?

    3. In 1949, which Italian won the first 125cc motorcycling championship?

    4. In 1965, gary Player became the third golfer to win all four major tournaments. Who were the first two?

    5. In 1975, who became the first English rugby union player to be sent off in an international?

    6. In 1981, which American Football team became the first wild card entry to win the Super Bowl?

    7. In which year was the tiebreak first used in Wimbledon?

    8. The selection of which player led to the cancellation of the MCC's 1968 tour of South Africa?

    9. What unique distinction did Nazar Mohammed achieve during the 1952 Test between India and Pakistan?

    10. What was the margin of West Indies' first Test victory at Lord's in 1950?

    11. What was the name of Brazil's 1994 World Cup-winning captain?

    12. What was the surname of the brothers Guy and Lillian who helped France to the 1968 Five Nations Championship?

    13. Where was Australian rugby league stand-off Bobby Fulton born?

    14. Where were all 18 matches in the 1930 World Cup finals?

    15. Where were the 1936 Winter Olympics held?

    1. Four

    2. Twenty-seven

    3. Nello Pagani

    4. Ben Hogan and Gene Sarazen

    5. Mike Burton

    6. The Oakland Raiders

    7. 1971

    8. Basil D'Oliveira

    9. He was the first player to be on the field throughout an entire Test match

    10. 326 runs

    11. Dunga

    12. Camberabero

    13. Warrington, Englang

    14. The Centenary Stadium

    15. Garmisch-Partenkirchen