• Betting & Gaming Quiz


    1. What is the highest number on a roulette wheel?
    2. What is pontoon called when it is played in a casino?
    3. In the game of craps, what is the first shoot or throw of the dice called?
    4. At a race meeting, what is the call over?
    5. What game has suits called bamboos, characters and circles?
    6. In which card game are the expressions 'for his nob' and 'for his heels' used?
    7. Which American state is famous for its gambling casinos?
    8. Which game is the modern version of Pope Joan sometimes called Michigan or Saratoga in the United States and Boodle or Stops in Britain?
    9. In poker, which hand is more valuable, flush or full house?  
    10. What is 'form' in horse-racing?
    11. Which of Ian Flemming's Bond books describes the glittering world of gambling?
    12. In baccarat, what is a 'natural'?
    13. Keno is an American casino form of which game?
    14. The 1965 film The Cincinnati Kid starred Edward G. Robinson and Steve McQueen. Around which card game did the role revolve?
    15. What is a 'straight up' bet in roulette?
    16. What, in a casino, is a croupier?
    17. What, in a casino, is a kibitzer?
    18. In bingo, what number would a caller be giving if he said 'Key of the door'?
    19. If you saw the letters 'EP' against the name of a runner on a greyhound racecard, what would it mean?
    20. When playing craps, who is the 'shooter'?
    21. What does it mean when a player in blackjack decides to 'stand'?
    22. In the game of roulette, what is a bet on numbers 1-18 called?
    23. What is the main object of the popular card game of pontoon?
    24. At a race meeting, what is an 'also ran'?
    25. According to the old song, all the girls used to wink and eye at 'The man who broke the bank...' where ?


    1.  36 (thirty-six)
    2. Blackjack
    3. The comeout
    4. Naming of horses with the latest betting odds
    5. Mah Jong
    6. Cribbage
    7. Nevada
    8. Newmarket
    9. Full house
    10. The record of performance of what a horse has and has not achieved
    11. Casino Royale
    12. A score or 8 or 9 with two cards
    13. Bingo
    14. Stud Poker
    15. A bet on a single number
    16. An employee who runs the game
    17. An onlooker
    18. 21 (twenty-one)
    19. Early pace
    20. The first person to throw the dice
    21. The player takes no more cards
    22. Manque
    23. To score 21 or as near as possible
    24. A horse that has finished out of the money
    25. Monte Carlo
  • FA Cup 1 - Football


    1. Who recorded the biggest win in an FA Cup final?

    2. Who was just 21 when he captained Leicester's 1969 Cup final team?

    3. Which two Second Division clubs reached the Cup final in the 1980s?

    4. Which three Northern Ireland internationals were members of Arsenal's Cup final teams of 1978 and 1979?

    5. Which West Country club equalled their best-ever Cup run by reaching the fourth round in 1989-90?

    6. Who became the first player to earn Cup winners' medals from three countries after Chelsea beat Aston Villa in the 2000 FA Cup final?

    7. Who scored Chelsea's winning goal in the 2000 final?

    8. Who had scored twice for Chelsea in their semi-final victory over Newcastle in 2000?

    9. Who knocked Chelsea out of the Cup in 2001?

    10. In 1991 which club became the first Scottish team to play in the FA Cup proper for 105 years?

    11. Which Scottish international kept goal for Spurs in the 1961 and 1962 finals?

    12. Which two England internationals played for Fulham in the 1975 final?

    13. How many matches did it take to settle the third-round tie between Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday in 1979?

    14. Who came from 3-0 down to defeat Southampton 4-3 in 2001?

    15. Who scored Wimbledon's winner in the 1988 Cup final?

    16. Which First Division team did Wimbledon beat in the semi-finals that year?



    1. Bury (in 1903)

    2. David Nish

    3. West Ham and Queens Park Rangers

    4. Pat Jennings, Pat Rice and Sammy Nelson

    5. Torquay United

    6. Marcel Desailly

    7. Roberto Di Matteo

    8. Gus Poyet

    9. Arsenal

    10. Gretna

    11. Bill Brown

    12. Bobby Moore and Alan Mullery

    13. Five

    14. Tranmere Rovers

    15. Lawrie Sanchez

    16. Luton Town

  • Goalkeepers 1 - Football


    1. Which Australian goalkeeper moved from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2001?

    2. Ricardo Tavarelli and Aldo Bobadilla were the goalkeepers in which country's squad for the 2001 Copa America?

    3. For which country does Middlesborough's Mark Schwarzer play?

    4. Which goalkeeper saved three penalties in the shoot-out at the 2001 Champions' League final?

    5. Who started his playing career with Chesterfield in 1955 and went on to win 73 England caps?

    6. Which two goalkeepers have captained Italy to victory in the World Cup?

    7. For which club side were they both playing at the time?

    8. Who was Argentina's goalkeeper in the 1990 World Cup final?

    9. For which Italian club does Brazil's international keeper Dida play?

    10. What nationality is Preston keeper Teuvo Moilanen?

    11. Steven Phillips was the regular goalkeeper for which Second Division team in 2000-1?

    12. For which country has Bernard Lama played international football?

    13. Which Canadian keeper is on West Ham's books?

    14. Who kept goal for Northern Ireland in their World Cup qualifier away to the Czech Republic in June 2001?

    15. In which year did Peter Shilton win his record-breaking 109th cap for England?

    16. Who were England's opponents in that game?




    1. Mark Bosnich

    2. Paraguay

    3. Australia

    4. Oliver Kahn

    5. Gordon Banks

    6. Gianpiero Combi (1934) and Dino Zoff ( 1982)

    7. Juventus

    8. Sergio Goycochea 

    9. Milan

    10. Finnish

    11. Bristol City

    12. France

    13. Craig Forrest

    14. Malik Taylor

    15. 1989

    16. Denmark

  • Horses and Riding Quiz


    1. Which horse won the Grand National three times?
    2. Which famous American horse race is nicknamed 'Run For The Roses' because the winner receives a garland of roses in the shape of a horse shoe?
    3. What is a baby horse called?
    4. When riding, what are 'aids'?
    5. In a rodeo, bronco riding is a standard event. What is the only piece of tack worn by the horse?
    6. What is a drag-hunt?
    7. Which extremely successful racehorse, bred by the Aga Khan, disappeared and was never seen again?
    8. Lucinda Green is a well-known British rider in Horse trials and holds the record for the most wins at the Badminton Horse. What was her double-barrelled maiden name?
    9. Three major races make up the legendary American Triple Crown. Two are the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. What is the third race?
    10. Which major horse race, inaugurated in 1861, is held in Australia on the first Tuesday in November?
    11. What is the unit of measurement used for horses?
    12. The horse Milton won the King George V Gold Cup in 1990 and the Volvo World Cup in 1990-91, among other competitions. Who was its British rider?
    13. What are a horse's parents called?
    14. How can a horse's age be determined?
    15. On which British race course is Boxing Day's King George VI steeplechase held?
    16. In polo, what is a chukka?
    17. How many fences are here in the Grand National?
    18. In show jumping, how many penalty points are awarded if the rider falls off?
    19. How did the Derby get it's name?
    20. What, on the race-track, is an 'outsider'?
    21. What type of horse is a 'stayer'?
    22. How old is a filly?
    23. Early races in America were sprints over short distances. Which famous breed was developed for the purpose?
    24. In raving, what is a 'maiden'?
    25. What happens in the rules of show jumping when two or more riders have tied for first place?



    1. Red Rum
    2. Kentucky Derby
    3. A foal
    4. Any signals used by the rider to give instructions to the horse
    5. A wide leather band round it's middle, with a handhold
    6. A hunt using an artificial scent
    7. Shergar
    8. Prior-Palmer
    9. Belmont Stakes
    10. Melbourne Cup
    11. Hand
    12. John Whittaker
    13. Sire and Dam
    14. By examining its teeth
    15. Kempton Park
    16. The 4-6 periods into which the game is divided
    17. 30, over two circuits
    18. Eight
    19. On the toss of a coin between Lord Derby and Sir Charles Bunbury
    20. A horse thought to have little chance of winning a race and therefore given long betting odds
    21. A horse with great strength and endurance
    22. Less than four years
    23. The Quarter Horse
    24. A horse of either sex which has not yet run a race
    25. A jump-off
  • Newcastle United 1 - Football


    1. Who played 298 League matches for Charlton before moving to St James' Park?

    2. Who had Newcastle beat in a sixth-round FA Cup second replay in 1974 after a crowd invasion at St James' Park had halted the first match with United losing 3-1?

    3. With whom were United relegated from Division One in 1978?

    4. Who did Newcastle beat in the 1910 FA Cup final?

    5. From which club did Newcastle sign Andy Cole?

    6. Which manager took Newcastle to the 1974 FA Cup final?

    7. Who left Newcastle for Arsenal for £333,000 in 1976?

    8. Which Scottish international midfielder joined Newcastle from Blackpool for £150,00 in 1971?

    9. For which country did Alf McMichael win 40 international caps?

    10. When did Ruud Gullit become United manager?

    11. Who did he succeed?

    12. Who scored in the first minute for Newcastle at the 1955 FA Cup final?

    13. From which German club United sign Dietmar Haamann?

    14. Who scored 34 League goals in 40 matches for United in 1993-4?

    15. Who was Newcastle's only ever-present in 1998-9?

    16. Which defender moved from Paris St Germain to Newcastle in 1998?




    1. Robert Lee

    2. Nottingham Forest 

    3. Leicester City

    4.  Barnsley

    5. Bristol City

    6. Joe Harvey

    7. Malcolm Macdonald

    8. Tony Green

    9. Northern Ireland

    10. 1998

    11. Kenny Dalglish

    12. Jackie Milburn

    13. Bayern Munich

    14. Andy Cole

    15. Gary Speed

    16. Didier Domi

  • Oddballs 1 - Football


    1. Golfer Colin Mongomerie is a big fan of which Premiership club?

    2. Which team won the Irish League six seasons in a row either side of the war between 1936 and 1948?

    3. Which club won the Auto Windscreens Shield in 2000?

    4. In which year did Scotland fans tear down the goalposts at Wembley?

    5. Which star of the 1970s TV show The Comedians was a hard man with Doncaster Rovers in 1950s?

    6. Which member of Spurs' 1981 Cup final squad had a musical dream?

    7. Which song did the England World Cup Squad take to numer one in the charts in 1970?

    8. Who were Wimbledon's first opponents in a Football League game?

    9. Which club were thrown out of the 1999 Irish Cup for fielding an ineligible player in the semi-finals?

    10. Who were awarded the Cup in their place?

    11. Who won the League of Wales in 2001?

    12. Who finished runners-up?

    13. Which former Everton player was nicknamed 'Inchy'?

    14. IN what colour shirts do the Australian national team play?

    15. For kicking which Argentinian player was David Beckham sent off at the 1998 World Cup?

    16. Which manager moved from the Norwegian fjords to South London in June 1999?




    1. Leeds United

    2. Belfast Celtic

    3. Stoke City

    4. 1977

    5. Charlie Williams

    6. Osvaldo Ardiles

    7. 'Back Home'

    8. Halifax Town

    9. Cliftonville

    10. Portadown

    11. Barry Town

    12. Cwmbran

    13. Adrian Heath

    14. Gold with green trim

    15. Diego Simeone

    16. Egil Olsen

  • Sports Gear - Sports & Pastimes Quiz


    1. On a darts board, what number is directly opposite No. 1 ?
    2. What colour is the cue ball in pool ?
    3. What is the craft of making arrows called ?
    4. In Cycle Racing, what is a sag wagon ?
    5. The apparatus used by male gymnasts consists of vaulting horse, pommel horse, horizontal bars, rings and floor. Which of these pieces of apparatus do women use ?
    6. Essential equipment for a boxer comprises gloves, hand tape, protector below the waist, boots and what else ?
    7. Why do American footballers paint black marks across their cheeks ?
    8. In Ice-Hockey what are puck-stoppers ?
    9. In the early days of cricket, a bowler who took three wickets in a row was presented with a top hat. What modern term comes from this practise ?
    10. What sport has four different colour codes for the balls, ranging from yellow for hot conditions to blue for cold conditions ?
    11. Apart from body padding, what protection do baseball players wear ?
    12. In hot air ballooning, how is the manoeuvring or cooling valve used ?
    13. How many red balls are there in snooker ?
    14. Which sport uses stones and a house ?
    15. Starting blocks are used on athletic tracks. Runners push their feet against them to get the fastest possible start. What else can they be used for ?
    16. In fencing, which is the heavier weapon: the foil or the épée ?
    17. What is the difference in shape between rugby and soccer balls ?
    18. Kendo is one of the traditional Japanese martial arts and the participants use a type of sword. From what is the sword made ?
    19. What type of shots are woods used for in golf ?
    20. What colour is the centre scoring zone of an archery target ?
    21. All the hoops in croquet are painted white, except the last one, called the rover, which has a different colour on the crown. Which colour is it ?
    22. Why are the officials in American football known as zebras ?
    23. From what fairly light-weight wood is a bat for the sport of cricket traditionally made from ?
    24. In the sport of archery, what material are the arrows usually made from ?
    25. Soccer boots have interchangeable studs. The studs for wet and slippery surfaces are made from aluminium. What studs are used for playing on hard ground ?



    1. No. 19
    2. White
    3. Fletching
    4. One of the last vehicles following road events and picking up riders who have dropped out.
    5. Vaulting horse and floor
    6. Gumshield
    7. It helps to protect against the suns glare
    8. Pads protecting knees and shins
    9. Hat-trick
    10. Squash
    11. Helmet and face mask
    12. To release hot air for descent
    13. There are fifteen red balls in snooker
    14. Curling
    15. To detect false starts
    16. The épée
    17. A rugby ball is oval; a soccer ball is round
    18. Strips of bamboo
    19. Long shots
    20. The centre scoring zone of an archery target is: Gold
    21. The Rover is: Red
    22. They wear striped shirts
    23. Willow
    24. Tubular aluminium alloy
    25. Rubber studs
  • Sports Pot Luck Quiz


    1. Who won the Marathon at the 1970 Commonwealth Games?
    2. Who won the Tour de France in 1913 and 1914?
    3. Who won the Tour de France in 1924 and 1925?
    4. Who was Britain's first £100-a-week footballer?
    5. Who, in 1982, became the oldest player to win the world cup?
    6. Who, in 1991, became the first native winner of the British women's Open Squash title for 30 years?
    7. Why was football's Home International Championship abandoned in 1981?
    8. For which two counties did Tom Graveney Play cricket?
    9. How many times has the host nation won the football World Cup?
    10. In 1922, Syd Puddefoot became the first £5000 transfer when he moved from West Ham United to - where?
    11. In 1924 at the age of 49, who became the oldest payer to appear in an English FA Cup Final?
    12. In 1960, who finally beat Jesse Owen's 1936 world long jump record?
    13. In 1970, which English team won the European Cup Winners' Cup and the League Cup?
    14. In 1974, which horse became the first to win the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes two years running?
    15. In 1978, which football stadium became Britain's first all-seater?
    16. How many of his 99 Grands Prix did Jackie Stewart win?
    17. In which year was the tiebreak first used at Wimbledon'?
    18. Where were the 1936 Winter Olympics held?
    19. Where was Australian rugby league stand-off Bobby Fulton born?
    20. Where were all 18 matches in the 1930 World Cup finals played?



    1. Ron Hill
    2. Phillipe Thys
    3. Ottavio Bottecchia
    4. Johnny Haynes
    5. Dino Zoff (Italy)
    6. Lisa Opie
    7. England and Wales refused to play Northern Ireland in Belfast because of the troubles
    8. Gloucestershire and Worcestershire
    9. Six
    10. Falkirk
    11. Billy Meredith
    12. Ralph Bostson
    13. Manchester City
    14. Dahlia
    15. Aberdeen's Pittodrie
    16. Twenty-Seven
    17. 1971
    18. Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    19. Warrington, England
    20. The Centenary Stadium, Montevideo
  • Tennis


    1. How many times did Björn Borg win the men's singles finals at Wimbledon?
    2. In which year did Monica Seles win her first U.S. Open?
    3. Which championships make up the 'Grand Slam'?
    4. What was Australian player Evonne Cawley's maiden name?
    5. At what score does a tie-break come into operation?
    6. What is the first score in a tennis match?
    7. Jennifer Capriatti was Olympic singles champion in 1992. Which country does she represent?
    8. What is the name given to a short, quick stroke when the ball is hit before it bounces?
    9. Who was the only Afro-American man to win major tennis championships?
    10. If part of the ball touches the baseline, is it in or out?
    11. Name the actress who married John McEnroe.
    12. Which woman has won the most Wimbledon singles titles?
    13. In doubles matches the Australian formation is when both members of the serving team stand on the same side of their half of the court. With is the other name used for this formation?
    14. Who was known as 'Little Mo'?
    15. Name the woman tennis player who was undefeated on clay courts for 125 matches from August 1973 to May 1979.
    16. In which country did the game of tennis originate in the Middle Ages?
    17. Who was the youngest and the first unseeded player to win the men's singles at Wimbledon?
    18. What is the name given to the centre of the racket strings, the best place to hit the ball?
    19. Who was nicknames 'Horrible Hana' by the British Press?
    20. American teams have recorded most wins in the Davis Cup tennis competition. Which country comes second?
    21. Rod Laver is considered one of the best ever players. What was his home country?
    22. How many Wimbledon singles titles did John McEnroe win?
    23. In the 1984 final of the French Open, John McEnroe took the first two sets and it looked as though the United States might win the title for the first time in 29 years. However, his opponent neat him to win his first major title. Who was he?
    24. What is an 'ace'?
    25. In practice, 'shadow stroking' is often used as a way of improving technique. What is it?


    1. Five
    2. 1991
    3. Wimbledon, U.S. Open, French Championship and Australian Championship
    4. Goolagong
    5. When the score reaches six games all
    6. 15-love or love-15
    7. United States
    8. Volley
    9. Arthur Ashe
    10. In
    11. Tatum O'Neal
    12. Martina Navratilova
    13. Tandem
    14. Champion player Maureen Connolly
    15. Chris Evert
    16. France
    17. Boris Becker
    18. Sweet spot
    19. Hana Mandlikova
    20. Australia
    21. Australia
    22. Three
    23. Ivan Lendl
    24. A service too fast and accurate for the opponent to hit
    25. Practising the motions of groundstrokes without hitting the ball
  • The World Game 5 - Football


    1. Who won the French Cup in 2000 and the League in 2001?

    2. Which Norwegian played for a Spanish team in the 2001 UEFA Cup final?

    3. And which former Manchester United player was a member of the same team?

    4. Which Bulgarian team did the League and Cup double in 2000?

    5. Viborg won which country's Cup competition in 2000?

    6. In 1989, which club won the Italian League title for the first time in nine years?

    7. Who were Italian League champions in 1970 for the only time in their history?

    8. Which Lyon player was the leading marksman in the French League in season 2000-1?

    9. Who won the Polish League in 2001?

    10. Who was Brazil's coach at the 1982 World Cup?

    11. Who was the first British footballer to join a Portuguese club?

    12. In 2001, which club won the Kuwaiti League for the first time in 22 years?

    13. Which former Newcastle United manager was sacked as a boss of Japanese team Yokohama F Marinos in 2001?

    14. Who finished bottom of Spain's top division in 2001?

    15. Shafa won which country's Cup final in May 2001?

    16. Which Argentinian team beat Cruz Azul 1-0 in the final of the 2001 Copa Libertadores?



    1. Nantes

    2. Dan Eggen

    3. Jordi Cruyff

    4. Levski Sofia

    5. Denmark

    6. Inter Milan

    7. Cagliari

    8. Sonny Anderson

    9. Wisla Krakow

    10. Tele Santana

    11. Mickey Walsh

    12. Al Kuwai

    13. Osvaldo Ardiles

    14. Numancia

    15. Azerbaijan

    16. Boca Juniors