1. With which charity is Princess Anne particularly associated?
    2. How old was Princess Elizabeth when she became Queen?
    3. The Duke and Dutchess of York married in Westminster Abbey. Where did the Prince and Princess of Wales marry?
    4. Whom did Princess Margaret marry in 1960?
    5. Which are the two private residences of Queens Elizabeth II?
    6. At which university did Prince Charles read archiology and anthripology?
    7. Which member of the British Royal family did Baroness Marie Christine Von Reibnitz become on her marriage?
    8. How did Michael Fagen come into contact with the Royal family in 1982?
    9. Which male member of the Royal family served in the Royal Navy in the Falklands war against Argentina?
    10. Who wrote the children's story The Old Man of Lochnagar?
    11. Who was the governess to Princess Elizabeth and Princes Margaret who angered the Royal family by publishing a book of reminiscences when she left Royal service?
    12. What is the name of the 18th-Century mansion bought by the Queen as a home for the newly married Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips in 1976?
    13. Which major anniversary did the Queen celebrate in 1977?
    14. Which of the Queens children was the first Royal baby to be born at Buckingham Palace for 62 years?
    15. Which Royal wifes jewellry was auctioned at Sotheby's in 1987?
    16. What was the Duchess of Kent's maiden name?
    17. Which designers created Lady Diana Spencer's wedding dress?
    18. Where did the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales take place in 1969?
    19. Which sport did the Duke of Edinburgh take up when he retired from polo?
    20. What was Elizabeth, the Queen mother's maiden name?
    21. What connection does London-born Jeanette Charles have with the Royal family?
    22. In which year did Princess Anne compete in Great Britain's equestrian team in the Olympic Games?
    23. Who's daughter is Lady Helen Windsor?
    24. Name the Duke of York's two children?
    25. Who is third in line of succession to the throne?


    1. The Princess Royal is associated with over 200 charities and organisations in an official capacity. However, she is very well known for supporting the 'Save the Children Fund'
    2. 25 years old
    3. St. Pauls Cathedral
    4. Antony Armstrong-Jones
    5. Balmoral and Sandringham
    6. Cambridge University
    7. Princes Michael of Kent
    8. He managed to get into the Queens bedroom in Buckingham Palace
    9. Prince Andrew
    10. Prince Charles
    11. Marion Crawford (Crawfie)
    12. Gatcombe Park
    13. Silver Jubilee
    14. Prince Charles
    15. Duchess of Windsor
    16. Katharine Worsley
    17. Elizabeth and David Emmanuel
    18. Caernarforn Castle
    19. Carriage driving
    20. Bowes-Lyon
    21. She has made a career out of being the Queens look-alike
    22. 1976
    23. Duke and Duchess of Kent
    24. Beatrice and Eugenie
    25. Prince George of Cambridge - (George Alexander Louis; born 22 July 2013) is the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and the grandchild of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. After his grandfather and father, he is third in line to succeed his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

    1. In which century did Catherine the Great rule in Russia?
    2. Which French Queen spent so wildly that she was known as 'Madame Deficit'?
    3. Who succeeded Queen Juliana as ruler of the Netherlands in 1980?
    4. Which British sovereign had the longest reign?
    5. Prince Albert of Liege succeeded to which throne in 1993?
    6. Which English Queen was nicknamed Brandy Nan?
    7. Which Swedish Queen did Greta Garbo play on screen?
    8. Queen Salote reigned from 1918 to 1965 over which island kingdom?
    9. In ancient times which country was ruled by the Moguls?
    10. In 1931, when Communist forces were strong in his country, Alfonso XIII has to abdicate. What was his country?
    11. To which powerful royal house did the Emperors Ferdinand I and Franz Joseph I of Austria belong?
    12. Who followed King David as King of Israel?
    13. Whom did Queen Elizabeth I succeed to the British throne?
    14. What happened to William II, Emperor of Germany, when he was defeated by the Allies in World War I?
    15. Where was Napoleon born?
    16. Which King of Prussia waged the Seven Years War in the 18th century?
    17. How were the English king Richard I and his successor King John related?
    18. Boris III was king of which country from 1918 to 1943?
    19. Which French King was called le Roi Soleil?
    20. Who was the enlightened King of Sardinia who became King of Italy when the states united in 1861?
    21. How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have?
    22. To which royal house did Louis XIV, Henry IV and Louis Philippe of France belong?
    23. Name the King of Jordan.
    24. Which King of England was the first Prince of Wales?
    25. King Umberto was deposed from the throne of which country in 1946?


    1. 18th century
    2. Marie Antoinette
    3. Queen Beatrix
    4. Queen Victoria
    5. Belgium
    6. Queen Anne
    7. Queen Christina
    8. Tonga
    9. India
    10. Spain
    11. Hapsburg
    12. Solomon
    13. Mary I
    14. He fled into exile in Holland
    15. Corsica
    16. Frederick the Great
    17. Brothers
    18. Bulgaria
    19. Louis XIV
    20. Victor Emmanuel
    21. Nine
    22. Bourbon
    23. King Hussein
    24. Edward II
    25. Italy