Pop Music

  • General Knowledge - Pop Music

    1. What was the Rubettes' only UK No.1 Single?

    2. Which brass band had a No.2 hit in 1977 with 'The Floral Dance'?

    3. Which famous harmonica player appeared with Kate Bush on 'The Man I Love'?

    4. Which American group had a hit in 1966 with their version of 'She's Not There'?

    5. Which group  made an album called 'What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits'?

    6. Which sisters saw mommy kissing Santa?

    7. Which US female singer made a song called 'Fly Too High'?

    8. Who asked when will there be a harvest for the world?

    9. Who did 'Whoomph! (There It Is)'?

    10. Who had a hit in the '50s and '60s and the '70s with 'Deck of Cards'?

    11. Who had a hit single and album called 'Happy Together'?

    12. What was Johnny Kidd and Pirates' only UK No.1?

    13. Who had a hit with 'Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)'?

    14. Who had a hit with their album 'In Utero'?

    15. Who had a No.3 hit in 1978 with 'My Best Friend's Girl'?


    1. 'Sugar Baby Love'

    2. Brighouse and the Rasterick

    3. Larry Adler

    4. Santana

    5. The Doobie Brothers

    6. The Beverley Sisters

    7. Janis Ian

    8. The Isley Brothers

    9. Clock

    10. Wink Martindale

    11. The Turtles

    12. 'Shakin' Al Over'

    13. John Fred and the Playboy Band

    14. Nirvana

    15. The Cars

  • Music - 70's Pop

    1. Which country did Abba come from?

    2. Which 70's pop movie with John Travolta released in 1998?

    3. Which band did Diana Ross leave at the start of the decade? 

    4. T Rex was led by which singer?

    5. What colour was was Debbie Harry's hair which named her band?

    6. Maggie May provided who with his first No.1?

    7. Kiki Dee's biggest 70s hit was with whom?

    8. Where did Supertramp have Breakfast in 1979?

    9. Who was lead singer with the Boomtown Rats?

    10. Who cleaned Wimbledon Common and cleaned up the charts in '74?

    11. What went with Peaches in the 70's charts?

    12. Who had a posthumous hit with Way Down?

    13. Song for whom was Elton John's first instrumental hit?

    14. Which World Cup football squad did Rod Stewart have a hit with?

    15. Which Rollers had two No.1's in 1975?

    16. Who had a single hit from the album Bat Out of Hell?

    17. Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta won Eurovision for which country? 

    18. Which brothers included Wayne, Donny and Little Jimmy?

    19. Whose first hit was Wuthering Heights?

    20. Which 70s B Side for Queen became a football anthem?

    21. Which Abba hit first became the name of an Alan Partridge spoof?

    22. Which Gary's first hit was Tubeway Army?

    23. Which hostel did the Village People visit in the 70s?

    24. How many performers made up The Carpenters?

    25. Which soccer side had a hit with I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles?

    26. Tubular Bells is credited with establishing which record label?

    27. Which band were Part of the Union?

    28. Which Bryan founded Roxy Music?

    29. Who celebrated his Ding-A-Ling in song?

    30. Who had the last 70s Xmas No.1 with Another Brick in the Wall?


    1. Sweden

    2. Grease

    3. The Supremes

    4. Marc Bolan

    5. Blonde

    6. Rod Stewart

    7. Elton John

    8. America

    9. Bob Geldof

    10. The Wombles

    11. Herb

    12. Elvis Presley

    13. Guy

    14. Scottish

    15. Bay City Rollers

    16. Meat Loaf

    17. Israel

    18. Osmond

    19. Kate Bush

    20. We Are the Champions

    21. Knowing Me Knowing You

    22. Numan

    23. YMCA

    24. Two

    25. West Ham

    26. Virgin

    27. Strawbs

    28. Ferry

    29. Chuck Berry

    30. Pink Floyd

  • Music - 80's Pop

    1. Who went straight to the No.1 in 81 with Stand and Deliver?

    2. What colour Door gave Shakin' Stevens an 80s hit?

    3. Which ex Beatle had a hit with Stevie Wonder in 1982?

    4. Whose album Thriller provided several hit singles?

    5. Who was KC's backing Band?

    6. Which Scot had a chart success after Esther Rantzen's The Big Time?

    7. Which BBC Radio station banned Relax?

    8. Ravel's Bolero carted because of which skaters' Olympic success?

    9. Which actor Rober was named in a Bananarama song title?

    10. Which Superstar Rat sang Love Me Tender?

    11. Which Alison's nickname was Alf?

    12. Which Elaine and Barbara  topped the charts in 1985?

    13. Which Mrs Andrew Lloyd Webber had a hit with Pie Jesu?

    14. David Bowie and Mick Jagger had a hit after which Concert?

    15. Elton John charted with Nikita at the same time as Sting had which coincidental hit?

    16. Who had hits as part of Visage and Ultravox?

    17. Who told you that were In The Army Now?

    18. Who fronted Culture Club?

    19. Graham McPherson of Madness was known as what?

    20. Which Kim reached No.2 in 1981, 24 years after dad Marty?

    21. Which Spanish singer had the UK's first chat topper in Spanish?

    22. David Sylvian was part of which Asian sounding band?

    23. Who was the first ventriloquist in the charts with Orville?

    24. Who teamed up with Annie Lennox in The Eurythmics?

    25. Who was the then oldest man in the charts with New York New York?

    26. Who joined Cliff Richard for his 80s Living Doll?

    27. Which TV puppets sand The Chicken Song?

    28. Which red haired Royal liked Lady in Red?

    29. Which future England coach joined Waddle on Diamond Lights?

    30. Who had a Xmas No.1 in 88 after 30 years in the charts?


    1. Adam and the Ants

    2. Green

    3. Paul McCartney

    4. Michael Jackson

    5. Sunshine Band

    6. Sheena Easton

    7. Radio One

    8. Torvill & Dean

    9. Robert De Niro

    10. Roland

    11. Moyet

    12. Paige, Dickson

    13. Sarah Brightman

    14. Live Aid

    15. Russians

    16. Midge Ure

    17. Status Quo

    18. Boy George

    19. Suggs

    20. Kim Wilde

    21. Julio Inglesias 

    22. Japan

    23. Keith Harris

    24. Dave Stewart

    25. Frank Sinatra

    26. The Young Ones

    27. Spitting Image

    28. Duchess of York

    29. Hoddle

    30. Cliff Richard

  • Music - 90's Pop

    1. Which football anthem was co written by Skinner and Baddiel?

    2. What is the surname of Oasis brothers Noel and Liam?

    3. Who was Candle in the Wind 1997 dedicated to?

    4. Which Zoo sang Spaceman in 1996?

    5. In which drama series did chart toppers Robson & Jerome find fame?

    6. Isaac, Taylor and Zac make up which boy band?

    7. Who said 'Eh Oh' on their first smash hit?

    8. Whose album of Urban Hymns hit the top spot?

    9. Which 90s band were named after an area of London?

    10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door was released after which 1996 tragedy?

    11. Which single was released by Robson & Jerome and two years later by The Three Tenors?

    12. Who was 'Older' in the 90s after a long running battle with Sony?

    13. Who were Back for Good in 1995 before disbanding all together?

    14. Whose death propelled Bohemian Rhapsody back in the charts?

    15. Which Peter had a No.1 with Flava?

    16. Who had a No.1 with Nilsson's Without You?

    17. Who backed Katrina on her 1997 Eurovision winner?

    18. Which Damon fronted Blur?

    19. Who starred in and sang on the soundtrack of The Bodyguard

    20. In Septmeber '98 Celine Dion released an album in which language?

    21. Which toy provided Aqua with No.1?

    22. Which country singer John died flying his plane in 1997?

    23. Who had a daughter with Lourdes Maria in 1996?

    24. Which band's name is a US emergency number?

    25. Dana International won Eurovision 98 for which Middle East country?

    26. Oasis were formed in which UK city?

    27. Who had a huge hit with Drop Dead Gorgeous?

    28. Which Darren appeared in the 90s version of Summer Holiday?

    29. In which country were Blur formed?

    30. My Heart Will Go On came from which smash hit film?


    1. Three Lions

    2. Gallagher

    3. Diana, Princess of Wales

    4. Babylon Zoo

    5. Soldier Soldier

    6. Hanson

    7. Teletubbies

    8. The Verve

    9. East 17

    10. Dunblane

    11. You'll Never Walk Alone

    12. George Michael

    13. Take That

    14. Freddie Mercury

    15. Andre

    16. Mariah Carey

    17. The Waves

    18. Albarn

    19. Whitney Houston

    20. French

    21. Barbie

    22. Denver

    23. Madonna

    24. 911

    25. Israel

    26. Manchester

    27. Republica

    28. Day

    29. Essex

    30. Titanic

  • Music - What a beautiful noise ...


    1. Of which band was Justin Timberlake member before launching his solo career?

    2. Which band featured Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams?

    3. Which group had '70s hits with September and Boogie Wonderland?

    4. What nationality were Ottawan, who had a hit in 1980 with D.I.S.C.O?

    5. Which hit song of 1980 begins: 'Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy'?

    6. What is the name of Eminem's band?

    7. Which rap star's real name is Sean Coombs?

    8. On which television programme did Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake appear together?

    9. What was the title of the only hit for the Charlie Daniels Band?

    10. Name the three judges of the television show American Island?

    11. Which hit of the '60s begins: 'We skipped the light fandango...'?

    12. Who sand lead vocals on Python Lee Jackson's 1972 hit In A Broken Dream?

    13. Which Dave Clark Five hit begins: 'You Say You Love Me'?

    14. Who composed the theme to the television series Inspector Morse

    15. Complete the group name: Archie Bell and...



    1. N*Sync

    2. Destiny's Child

    3. Earth Wind and Fire

    4. French

    5. 'Don't Stand So Close To Me'

    6. D-12

    7. P Diddy

    8. Mickey Mouse

    9. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    10. Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson 

    11. 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' (Procol Harum)

    12. Rod Stewart

    13. 'Glad All Over'

    14. Barrington Pheloung

    15. The Devil

  • Music -Musical Superstars

    1. Who recorded the Immaculate Collection?

    2. What was certainly  the debut album by Oasis?

    3. Which Lionel sang with The Commodores?

    4. In which US state was Elvis Presley's mansion?

    5. What was the title of the first album form The Spice Girls?

    6. I Will Always Love You was an early 90s hit for which superstar?

    7. Alan, Jay and Donny were part of which 70's group?

    8. Who first charted as a solo performer with Careless Whisper?

    9. Which group is made up of Gibbs?

    10. What instrument does Charlie Watts play in the Rolling Stones?

    11. Who was the first to leave Take That?

    12. Who teamed up with Barbra Streisand for Tell Him?

    13. Who was the original lead singer with The Supremes?

    14. How many people were in the original Queen?

    15. Who became the most famous group formed in Colchester?

    16. In which decade was Elton John's original Candle In The Wind a hit?

    17. Baker, Bruce and Clapton formed which 60s supergroup?

    18. In 1996 Robert Hoskins was convicted of stalking which star?

    19. Which supergroup contains The Edge?

    20. Who has recorded with Elton John, Queen, Lisa Stansfield and Toby Bourke?

    21. Which band produced the mega selling album Rumours?

    22. What was the first All Saints record to sell a million?

    23. Visions Of Love was the first British top ten hit for which female superstar?

    24. Which Hotel gave Elvis his first British chart hit?

    25. Which group wrote the songs for the movie Saturday Night Fever?


    1. Madonna

    2. Definitely Maybe

    3. Richie

    4. Tennessee

    5. Spice

    6. Whitney Houston

    7. The Osmonds

    8. George Michael

    9. The Bee Gees

    10. Drums

    11. Robbie Williams

    12. Celine Dion

    13. Diana Ross

    14. Four

    15. Blur

    16. 70s

    17. Cream

    18. Madonna

    19. U2

    20. George Michael

    21. Fleetwood Mac

    22. Never Ever

    23. Mariah Carey

    24. Heartbreak

    25. The Bee Gees 


  • Music -Pop 90s

    1. What was finally a top ten hit for Ce Ce Peniston on its 1992 re-release?

    2. Who recorded the album Nevermind?

    3. Who had a Christmas No1 in 1996, 1997 and 1998?

    4. What kind of Doll did Aqua sing about?

    5. Who had a hit with the old song I Believe?

    6. Whos debut album was called Doggystyle?

    7. Which girl group led the 1995 Party In The Park for the Prince's Trust?

    8. Edele and Keavy Lynch were together in which group?

    9. What is Billie's surname?

    10. Which film revived the 70s song You Sexy Thing?

    11. How did Kurt Kobain end his life?

    12. Which team do the Gallgher brothers support?

    13. What was the first single of the Spice Girls?

    14. Which soccer team sang Come On You Reds?

    15. Whose debut album was Talk On Corners?

    16. Norman Cook is better known as which club DJ?

    17. Which group's first No.1 was Some Might Say?

    18. Richie Edwards vanished in 1995 leaving behind which group?

    19. Who had success with Abba-esque?

    20. Who was Mrs Bob Geldof when the 90s started?

    21. Which alternative dance group first charted with Charly?

    22. Which Heather sang with M People?

    23. Which chart topper was pink, tall, spotted and very destructive?

    24. Whose Nothing Compares 2 U made No.1 in both the UK and the US?

    25. An advert for which drink led to Perez Prado back in the charts?



    1. Finally

    2. Nirvana

    3. Spice Girls

    4. Robson & Jerome

    5. Barbe

    6. Snoop Doggy Dog

    7. All Saints

    8. B*Witched

    9. Piper

    10. The Full Monty

    11. He shot himself

    12. Man City

    13. Wannabe

    14. Man Utd

    15. The Corrs

    16. Fatboy Slim

    17. Oasis

    18. Manic Street Preachers

    19. Erasure

    20. Paula Yates

    21. Prodigy

    22. Small

    23. Mr Blobby

    24. Sinead O'Connor

    25. Guinness


  • Pop Music - Entertaining Arts Quiz


    1. What was Tina Turner's original name?
    2. Who was the drummer who replaced the late Keith Moon in The Who in 1978?
    3. Where is Gracelands, the mansion built for Elvis Presley, situated?
    4. Which pop star's guitar sold for £198,000 at auction in 1990?
    5. In which year did the Live Aid concerts take place?
    6. What do the groups En Vogue, Jade and SWV have in common?
    7. What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname?
    8. Which pop artist recorded the album True Blue that topped the charts in 28 countries in 1986?
    9. Which rock star became chairman of Watford Football Club in 1980?
    10. What is 'acid house'?
    11. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious belonged to which pop group?
    12. Which world famous West Indian rock star, a friend of Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, was show in the arm by political opponents in 1976?
    13. Whose album entitled Tattoo You was released in 1981?
    14. Which city was the original home of the 1980s pop group U2?
    15. Which legendary British singer was awarded the OBE by the Queen in 1980 on his 40th birthday?
    16. On which of Michael Jackson's best-selling albums would you fin the track The Girl is Mine?
    17. Which band was the leader of the hard rock movement?
    18. Which two artists founded the Eurythmics and recorded the first album in 1981?
    19. In what film did pop star David Bowie launch his career as a film actor in 1976?
    20. Their album Synchronicity became one of the best-selling LPs of all time and, in 1983, they reached number 1 in Britain and the United States with Every Breath You Take. Name the group.
    21. Which of the Bee Gees are twins?
    22. Who left an all-girl vocal group, originally called the Primettes, to begin career in 1969 and has become a top international star?
    23. Which American superstar said, "I don't know anything about music. In my lie you don't have to."?
    24. Who had a hit with I Will Always Love You?
    25. Which American record label was bought by Polygram in August 1993?



    1. Annie Mae Bullock
    2. Kenny Jones
    3. Memphis, Tennassee
    4. Jimi Hendrix
    5. 1985
    6. All-girl groups
    7. The Boss
    8. Madonna
    9. Elton John
    10. A style of fast-beat pop music; also used for a youth cult associated with the music and sometimes with drug-taking.
    11. The Sex Pistols
    12. Bob Marley
    13. Rolling Stones
    14. Dublin, Ireland
    15. Cliff Richard
    16. Thriller
    17. Led Zeppelin
    18. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart
    19. The Man who Fell to Earth
    20. The Police
    21. Maurice and Robin
    22. Diana Ross
    23. Elvis Presley
    24. Whitney Houston
    25. Motown
  • Pot Luck - Pop Music 1

    Music Quiz Questions

    1. Who had a 'Lucky Number' in 1979?

    2. Who had a 1966 hit with 'Guantanamera'?

    3. Who had a hit album called 'Five Bridges'?

    4. Who had a No.1 album called 'I Say I Say I Say'?

    5. Who had a No.1 hit single in 1994 with 'Cotton Eye Joe'?

    6. Who had a No.1 in 1966 with a version of the Beatles' 'Michelle'?

    7. Who had a No.1 in 1987 with 'Pump Up the Volume'?

    8. Who had a No.1 with their duet 'I Knew You Were Waiting For Me'?

    9. Who had their biggest hit with 'Love Missle F1-11'?

    10. Who is Pink Floyd's lost leader?

    11. Who knows all there is to know about the crying game?

    12. Who made a 1979 album entitled 'Bop Till You Drop'?

    13. Who made an album called 'Hot August Night'?

    14. Who made an album called 'Wednesday Morning 3AM'?

    15. Who played lead guitar on Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' album?


    Music Quiz Answers

    1. Lene Lovich

    2. The Sandpipers

    3. The Nice

    4. Erasure

    5. Rednex

    6. The Overlanders

    7. M/A/R/R/S

    8. Aretha Franklin and George Michael

    9. Sigue Sigue Sputnik

    10. Syd Barrett

    11. Dave Berry

    12. Ry Cooder

    13. Neil Diamond

    14. Simon and Garfunkel

    15. Lindsey Buckingham

  • Pot Luck - Pop Music 2

    1. Who had hits in 1971 with 'Tomorrow Night' and 'The Devil's Answer'?

    2. Who had hits with 'He's A Rebel' and 'Da Doo Ron Ron'?

    3. Who reached No.2 in 1988 with 'Sign Your Name'?

    4. Who reached No.2 in 1995 with 'Don't Give Me Your Life'?

    5. Who reached No.4 in 1989 with 'Cuddly Toy'

    6. Who reached No.5 in 1996 with 'Street Spirit (Fade Out'?

    7. Who said 'You've Got To Fight For Your Right To Party'?

    8. Who said everything is beautiful?

    9. Who said you gotta be cruel to be kind (in the right measure)'?

    10. Who sand 'Let Your Yeah Be Yeah'?

    11. Who sang 'Mockingbird' with Carly Simon?

    12. Who sang the theme of the film 'High Noon'?

    13. Who were Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico?

    14. Who sang with the Eurythmics on 'Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves'?

    15. Who sang: 'I was born by a river, Just like that ruver I bin movin' ever snice'?



    1. Atomic Roomer

    2. The Crystals

    3. Terence Trent D'Arby

    4. Alex Party

    5. Roachford

    6. Radiohead

    7. The Beastie Boys

    8. Ray Stevens

    9. Nick Lowe

    10. The Pioneers

    11. James Taylor

    12. Frankie Laine

    13. Velvet Underground

    14. Aretha Franklin

    15. Free

  • Sing or Hum - Pop Music Quiz


    1. What nationality are the Cardigans?
    2. What was Roxy Music's first hit single?
    3. What was the title of Joe South's only UK Top Ten hit?
    4. What was the title of Ten Years After's only hit single?
    5. What was the title of the hit duet between Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson?
    6. Which 1960's group reached No 5 in the album charts with "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter"?
    7. Which 1964 No 1 begins: "We've already said..."?
    8. Which family went "Walking In The Rain" in 1973?
    9. Who had a hit in 1966 with "Stop Stop Stop"?
    10. Which group featured Walter Becker and Donald Fagen?
    11. Which rapper had a hit in 1990 with "Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children"?
    12. Which song begins: "In my dreams I'm a western hero, riding my palomino"?
    13. Which song features the lines, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"?
    14. Who had a hit with "Rebel Rebel"?
    15. Who had "One Love" in 1990?



    1. Swedish
    2. "Virginia Plain"
    3. "Games People Play"
    4. "Love Like A Man"
    5. "Tonight I Celebrate My Love"
    6. The Incredible String Band
    7. "Go Now" by the Moody Blues
    8. The Partridge Family
    9. The Hollies
    10. Steely Dan
    11. Queen Latifah
    12. "Silver Star" by The Four Seasons
    13. "Won't get Fooled Again"
    14. David Bowie
    15. Stone Roses