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  • Past Times - The 70s (30 questions)

    Past Times: The 70s Quiz (30 questions)


    1. In which country did black activist Steve Biko in 1977?

    2. Which US President was brought down by the Watergate scandal?

    3. What did a policeman use to hide a streaker's embarrassment in a famous incident at Twickenham in 1974?

    4. Which London born comic Charlie was knighted?

    5. Which tree population was decimated by a Dutch disease?

    6. Did Skytrain provide cut price tickets by air or rail?

    7. Who succeeded John Paul I as pope?

    8. The New English version of which Book was published in 1970?

    9. Which Czech tennis star Martina defected to the West?

    10. In which country did Pol Pot conduct a reign of terror?

    11. Which Sebastian was a record of breaking middle distance runner?

    12. Which father of twins was the husband of the British PM?

    13. Which princess was sportswoman of the year in 1971?

    14. The Queen celebrated how many years on the throne in her Jubilee?

    15. Which Lord disappeared after his nanny was murdered?

    16. Who beat four male candidates to become Tory leader in 1975?

    17. Which war ended with the fall of Saigon in 1975?

    18. Which country's athletes were murdered at the 1972 Olympics? 

    19. John Curry won Olympic gold on what surface?

    20. In which country did a Ripper carry out horrific murders?

    21. Which Lord and Royal uncle was murdered off Ireland?

    22. Which mother won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    23. Charles de Gaulle died after being president of which country?

    24. Were Sunderland in the first or second division when they won the FA Cup in 1973?

    25. Where was the monarchy restored after the death of Franco?

    26. In 1971 the first British soldier was killed in which British province?

    27. Evonne Goolagong from which country won Wimbledon in 1971?

    28. Which Chris was Jimmy Conners' fiancee when he first won Wimbledon?

    29. Which James succeeded Harold Wilson as Prime Minister?

    30. David Steel became leader of which political party in 1976?



    Past Times: The 70s Quiz Answers


    1. South Africa

    2. Nixon

    3. His helmet

    4. Chaplin

    5. Elm

    6. Air

    7. John Paul II

    8. Bible

    9. Navratilova

    10. Cambodia

    11. Coe

    12. Denis Thatcher

    13. Anne

    14. 25

    15. Lucan

    16. Margaret Thatcher

    17. Vietnam

    18. Isreal

    19. Ice

    20. Yorkshire

    21. Mountbatten

    22. Teresa

    23. France

    24. Second

    25. Spain

    26. Northern Ireland

    27. Australia

    28. Evert

    29. Callaghan

    30. Liberal