• Questions

    1. 'Las Meninas' is the masterpiece of which Spanish painter (1599-1600) who Manet referred to as The Painter of Painters?

    2. Whose painting of a 'Bowl of Fruit, Bottle and Violin' was done in 1914 during the artist's Synthetic Cubist period?

    3. Which French Post Impressionist painted poster designs connected with the Moulin Rouge?

    4. Whose four paintings of sunflowers dating from August and September 1888 ere intended to decorate the Yellow House in Arles?

    5. Anthony van Dyck is best remembered for his representations of which British king?

    6. Who painted 'The Virgin of the Rocks' around 1503-06?

    7. Which Spanish artist painted a famous portrait of The Duke of Wellington in 1812?

    8. Peter Paul were the first names of which artist born in Flanders in 1577?

    9. 'The Umbrellas' is a famous painting by which French Impressionist?

    10. Whose most famous painting is 'The Rake's Progress'?

    11. Which French painter born in 1834 is famous as a painter of ballet scenes?

    12. 'The Self Portrait aged Sixty-Three' is of which Dutch artist painted during the final year of life in 1669?

    13. What nationality was the 15th/16th century Renaissance painter Raphael?

    14. Which French painter who was faced with increasing poverty after retiring from stockbroking in 1891, left Paris to work in Tahiti where many of his most famous paintings were produced?

    15. Who painted the Sistine chapel of the Vatican in Rome?



    1. Valazquez

    2. Picasso

    3. Toulouse-Lautrec

    4. Van Gogh

    5. Charles

    6. Leonardo Da Vinci

    7. Goya

    8. Rubens

    9. Renoir

    10. William Hogarth

    11. Degas

    12. Rembandt

    13. Italian

    14. Gauguin

    15. Michelangelo