• Geography: Euro Tour


    1. In which country could you find Jerez?

    2. How would you travel if you left for France from a hoverport?

    3. Eurostar trains run from London to which Belgian city?

    4. In which country is Cologne?

    5. Does London or Rome have the higher population?

    6. The province of Flanders is in which country?

    7. Which landlocked country is divided into cantons?

    8. In which city would you find the Parthenon?

    9. Bohemia is part of which Republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia?

    10. Is Schiphol an airport or a river in the Netherlands?

    11. In which country is Estoril?

    12. Where in the Black Forest?

    13. What type of country is Monaco?

    14. Andorra lies between France and which other country?

    15. In which Sea does Cyprus lie?

    16. Belarus and Ukraine were formerly part of which huge republic?

    17. What is the English name for the city known to Italians as Venezia?

    18. Is Sweden a kingdom or republic?

    19. Vienna lies on which river?

    20. Is Ibiza part of the Canaries or the Balearics?

    21. In which Circle does  about a third of Finland lie?

    22. The Hague is the seat of the government of which country?

    23. Crete and Corfu belong to which country?

    24. Which Scandinavian country is opposite Norway and Sweden?

    25. Is Europe the second largest or the second smallest continent?

    26. Which country marks the most westerly point of mainland Europe?

    27. The Iberian Peninsula consists of Portugal and which other country?

    28. Which French city is Europe's largest?

    29. What are the Balkans, the Apennines and the Pyreness?

    30. Which island is known the the French as Corse?



    1. Spain

    2. Hovercraft

    3. Brussels

    4. Germany

    5. London

    6. Belgium

    7. Switzerland

    8. Athens

    9. Czech Republic

    10. Airport

    11. Portugal

    12. Germany

    13. Principality

    14. Spain

    15. Mediterranean

    16. USSR

    17. Venice

    18. Kingdom

    19. Danube

    20. Balearics

    21. Arctic Circle

    22. Netherlenads

    23. Greece

    24. Denmark

    25. Second smallest

    26. Portugal

    27. Spain

    28. Paris

    29. Mountain ranges

    30. Corsica

  • Geography: General Knowledge


    1. In which African country do the inhabitants speak English and spend shillings?

    2. The River Danube rises in which country?

    3. Which US state has borders with Kansas, Illinois and Arkansas?

    4. The Levant is a general name given to the eastern shores of which sea?

    5. Where in Britain would you find Aubrey holes, bluestone horseshoe and avenue ditch?

    6. Which tourist attraction is to be found in Tuscany on the River Arno?

    7. Which US state has the sugar maple as its state tree and is the lading US producer of maple syrup?

    8. The address of which country's Prime Minister is at 24 Sussex Drive?

    9. In which Central American republic would you be if you were travelling between the towns of San Miguel and San Vicente?

    10. The Moselle River forms part of the border between Germany and which other country?

    11. In which US state is Fresno?

    12. Which country nicknamed 'The Cockpit of Europe' because of the number of battles throughout history fought on its soil?

    13. What is the capital of Libya?

    14. In which US State is Milwaukee?

    15. Which province an ancient kingdom in the Republic of Ireland consists of the countries Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo?



    1. Tanzania

    2. Germany

    3. Missouri

    4. Mediterranean

    5. Stonehenge 

    6. The Leaning Tower os Pisa

    7. Vermont

    8. Canada

    9. El Salvador

    10. Luxembourg

    11. California

    12. Belgium

    13. Tripoli

    14. Wisconsin

    15. Connaught

  • Geography: On the Map


    1. Which language other than English is an official language of the Channel Islands?

    2. Which Tsar changed Russia's capital from Moscow to St Petersburg?

    3. You would find Delphi on a map of which country?

    4. What is farther north, Clacton or Brighton?

    5. Which continent has an Ivory Coast?

    6. On which island would you find the Giant's Causeway?

    7. If you were on a French autoroute what type of road would you be on?

    8. Which Gulf lies between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

    9. Lake Superior is on the border of the USA and which other country?

    10. Which tiny European landlocked state is a Grand Duchy?

    11. Macedonia was formerly a part of which communist republic?

    12. Which Himalayan kingdom has been called the world's highest rubbish dump because of waste left behind by climbers?

    13. Which Australasian capital shares its name with a Duke and a boot?

    14. Which river which flows through Germany is Europe's dirtiest?

    15. Where would you be if you saw Nippon on the map?

    16. Whose address is often referred to as Number Ten?

    17. Which motorway goes past Stoke on Trent?

    18. On which continent is the Basque country?

    19. The Home Counties surround which city?

    20. Malta is to the south of which island to the south of Italy?

    21. The Ural Mountains mark the eastern frontier to which continent?

    22. How is the London Orbital Motorway better known?

    23. Is Moldova in Europe or Africa?

    24. Which island republic lies to the north west of the UK?

    25. Miami is a port in which US State?

    26. Kew Gardens are next to which London river?

    27. Which country has Lakes Garda, Maggiore and Como?

    28. Is Madagascar an island or is it an Afican peninsula?

    29. In which city is Red Square?

    30. Which country's official languages are Hebrew and Arabic?



    1. French

    2. Peter the Great

    3. Greece

    4. Clacton

    5. Africa

    6. Ireland

    7. Motorway

    8. Persian Gulf

    9. Canada

    10. Luxembourg

    11. Yugoslavia

    12. Nepal


    14. Rhine

    15. Japan

    16. Prime Minister

    17. M6

    18. Europe

    19. London

    20. Sicily

    21. Europe

    22. M25

    23. Europe

    24. Iceland

    25. Florida

    26. Thames

    27. Italy

    28. Island

    29. Moscow

    30. Israel

  • Geography: The UK


    1. Which seaside resort has Lanes and a nudist beach

    2. Which Page Three blonde is Swindon's most famous export?

    3. In which part of London is the Natural History Museum?

    4. Where is the National Spinal Injuries Unit?

    5. In which country is Sizewell nuclear power station?

    6. What is Britain's longest tunnel?

    7. The Old Bailey is on site of which former prison?

    8. Where in London would a Canary sit on Dogs?

    9. What is a native of Shropshire called?

    10. What is Salisbury Plain primarily used for?

    11. In which two counties is Constable Country?

    12. Where is the Clifton Suspension Bridge?

    13. Spaghetti Junction is on which road?

    14. Which Somerset Town is said to be the burial place of King Arthur?

    15. Which bell was named after Benjamin Hall?

    16. What is sold at Spitalfields market?

    17. What is the former name of Sellafield?

    18. Which animals are kept in the Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace?

    19. Holy Loch is an inlet of which river?

    20. Which city has an annual goose fair?

    21. In which English county is Europe's largest stone circle?

    22. Which castle is at the west end of the Royal Mile?

    23. How is the Sunday market in London's Middlesex Street better known?

    24. Which Cambridgeshire hospital is famous for its transplant surgery?

    25. Speaker's Corner is on the corner of what?

    26. Where is the administrative headquarters of the Grampain region?

    27. Which city has a famous Royal Crescent?

    28. The Goodwin Sands are at the entrance to which straits?

    29. Where is the DVLC?

    30. Where is the Temple Meads railway station?



    1. Brighton

    2. Melinda Messenger

    3. South Kensington

    4. Stoke Mandeville

    5. Suffolk

    6. Severn Tunnel

    7. Newgate

    8. Canary Wharf (Isle of Dogs)

    9. Salopian

    10. Army exercises

    11. Essex & Suffolk

    12. Bristol

    13. M6

    14. Glastonbury

    15. Big Ben

    16. Fruit, vegetables and flowers

    17. Windscale

    18. Horses

    19. Clyde

    20. Nottingham

    21. Wiltshire

    22. Edinburgh

    23. Petticoat Lane

    24. Papworth

    25. Hyde Park

    26. Aberdeen

    27. Bath

    28. Straits of Dover

    29. Swansea

    30. Bristol

  • Geography: World Tour


    1. Which long river has White and Blue tributaries?

    2. Which religious leader is head of state of the Vatican?

    3. Is Perth on the west or east coast of Australia?

    4. In which country is Calgary?

    5. Does Bombay or Tokyo have the higher population?

    6. What sort of Snowman is another name for the Himilayan Yeti?

    7. What is the world's smallest, flattest and driest continent?

    8. Is Argentina in the northern or southern half of South America?

    9. Pakistan and Bangladesh both border which country?

    10. Which countries name is an anagram of PURE?

    11. The West Indies lie in which Sea?

    12. Zambia is a neighbour of which country which also begins with Z?

    13. Which Egyptian canal links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?

    14. Is Ghana on the African coast or wholly islands?

    15. Which ocean is the world's deepest?

    16. In which country is the homeland of KwaZulu?

    17. Who is commemorated at Washington's Lincoln Memorial?

    18. Which US state has the zipcode (postcode) AZ?

    19. New South Wales is in which country?

    20. Which African desert is the world's largest?

    21. Is Swaziland a monarchy or a republic?

    22. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point of which continent?

    23. Which US island state has the world's highest annual rainfall?

    24. Which ocean lies to the east of South America?

    25. Which Islamic Republic used to be called Persia?

    26. Two thirds of Greenland lies in which Circle?

    27. Is Namibia in northern or southern Africa?

    28. Which country's head of state is Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti?

    29. Which People's Republic has the world's largest population?

    30. Alberta is a province of which country?



    1. Nile

    2. Pope

    3. West

    4. Canada

    5. Bombay

    6. Abominable

    7. Australia

    8. Southern

    9. India

    10. Peru

    11. Caribbean

    12. Zimbabwe

    13. Suez

    14. Coast

    15. Pacific

    16. South Africa

    17. Abraham Lincoln

    18. Arizona

    19. Australia 

    20. Sahara

    21. Monarchy

    22. Africa

    23. Hawaii

    24. Atlantic

    25. Iran

    26. Arctic Circle

    27. Southern

    28. Iraq

    29. China

    30. Canada

  • Mountains and Climbers Quiz


    1. What is the highest mountain in Africa?
    2. Which mountains form the backbone of South America?
    3. Where would you go to look for the Abominable Snowman?
    4. Who wrote High Adventure, about a spectacular mountain climb?
    5. On which mountain is it said that Noah's Ark came to rest?
    6. They were once known as the 'mountains of the moon' and thought to be the source of the Nile. Their name means 'Rainmaker'; what are they?
    7. In which country is Tongriro National Park with its three volcanoes, including Mt. Ruapahu?
    8. What is the second highest mountain in the world?
    9. What was the nationality of the party of climbers who scaled the world's second highest mountain in 1954?
    10. The official country retreat of the President of the United States, Cmp David, is in which mountains?
    11. Which mountain range divides France and Spain?
    12. What is Britain's highest mountain?
    13. In which country are the Drakensberg mountains?
    14. Name the highest mountain in the Alps.
    15. Who was with Edmund Hillary when he reached the summit of Everest in 1953?
    16. How do the Dolomites get their name?
    17. Which mountain, on the island of Honshy, was revered by the Japanese for centuries?
    18. Name the active volcano that stands above the Bay of Naples?
    19. The highest mountain in North America is in Alaska. What is it called?
    20. Which ancient civilization was nurtured in the Andes?
    21. The world's third highest mountain is Kanchenjunga. What nationality were the climbers who first reached the mountain's summit in 1955?
    22. Which mountains stretch from northern Canada to the southern United States?
    23. How does Cotopaxi in the Andes of Ecuador earn its place in the record books?
    24. How did climbers George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irving find a place in mountaineering history?
    25. Name the mountain named in the Bible on which Moses was given the Ten Commandments.


    1. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    2. Andes
    3. The Himalayas
    4. Sir Edmund Hillary
    5. Mt. Ararat
    6. Ruwenzori
    7. New Zealand
    8. K2
    9. Italian
    10. Appalachians
    11. Pyrenees
    12. Ben Nevis
    13. South Africa
    14. Mont Blanc
    15. Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
    16. From the rock which they are composed
    17. Mt. Fuji
    18. Vesuvius
    19. Mt. McKinley
    20. Incas
    21. British
    22. Rocky Mountains
    23. The highest active volcano
    24. They disappeared during an Everest climb in 1924; some people think they reached the summit
    25. Mt. Sinai
  • Natural World Quiz - Weather


    1. If cows are lying down in a field, what weather does this traditionally foretell?
    2. What is the name given to a column of swirling dust or soil raised into the air by a small whirlwind?
    3. There are three bands of climate in the world: tropical, polar and which other?
    4. What are the long curving lines on a weather map, designating areas of equal pressure called?
    5. What can be cumulus, stratus or lenticular?
    6. Which weather system brings cloudy skies, wings and rain?
    7. Who was the Norse god of thunder?
    8. When there is a thunderstorm, why do you see the lightning before you hear the thunder?
    9. What is given to the mixture of fog and smoke?
    10. In which country is the hottest place in the world?
    11. Why do metal pipes often burst when the water inside turns to ice?
    12. The coasts of which countries experience the strong, dry and cold north westerly wind called the mistral?
    13. What shape is a tornado?
    14. What does an anemometer measure?
    15. Pine cones are often used by amateur weather forecasters. What happens if the weather is about to turn wet?
    16. What is the name given to the white ice that forms on the branches of trees in very cold weather?
    17. How many different patterns of snow flakes are there?
    18. Hurricanes cause tremendous damage. What is the ring of low pressure at the centre of the storm called?
    19. What can be ribbon, rocket, streak or sheet?
    20. An anticyclone brings what type of weather to the area it covers?
    21. What name is given to the torrential rain experienced in India for six months beginning in May?
    22. Weather occurs in the troposphere where most water vapour exists. Where do airliners fly to avoid too many bumps?
    23. The special type of blue-green lightning that clings to the wing tips of most aircraft is known as what?
    24. As the old saying goes a red sky a night means 'shepherd's delight', what does a red sky in the morning mean?
    25. What do we call the refraction, reflection and dispersal of the suns rays caused by raindrops in the sky?



    1. Rain
    2. Dust devil
    3. Temperate
    4. Isobars
    5. Clouds
    6. Depression
    7. Thor
    8. Light travels faster than sound
    9. Smog
    10. Ethiopia 
    11. Water expands when it freezes
    12. Spain and France
    13. Funnel-shaped
    14. Wind speed
    15. The scales close up
    16. Rime or hoarfrost
    17. Millions
    18. Eye
    19. Lightening
    20. Settled weather
    21. Monsoons
    22. The stratosphere 
    23. St. Elmo's fire
    24. Shepherd's warning
    25. A rainbow