general knowledge

  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 1


    1. Which vegetable is used to make chips and crisps?

    2. Do ducks have waterproof feathers?

    3. Which makes honey, bees, wasps, or ants?

    4. Chimp, Baboon, Gorillia - which one has the tail?

    5. Chameleon, Turtle, Cobra - which can change colour?

    6. Which farmyard bird crows in the morning?

    7. Do snakes' eggs have hard or flexible shells?

    8. Are pearls found in oysters or limpets?

    9. Which huge African animal has a horn or two on its nose?

    10. Do moles live underground or in bushes?



    1. The potato

    2. Yes

    3. Bees

    4. Baboon

    5. Chameleon

    6. Cockerel / Rooster

    7. Flexible

    8. Oysters

    9. The Rhinoceros

    10. Underground


  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 2


    1. Which large sea fish sometimes attacks humans - the Shark, Skate or Manta Ray?

    2. Did Tyrannosaurus Rex occasionally walk on four legs?

    3. Where does the kangaroo keep its young?

    4. Do insects have 6, 8 or 10 legs?

    5. Do starfish live in the sea or rivers?

    6. Do pine trees have broad leaves or needles?

    7. Which baby reptile squeaks inside its egg - a Lizard, Crocodile or Snake?

    8. Which eight-legged creature builds a web to catch prey?

    9. Which is smaller, a chimpanzee or a gorilla?

    10. Is the worlds largest bird the ostrich or the vulture?



    1. The shark

    2. No. It's front legs were too small

    3. In a pouch

    4. 6 legs

    5. In the sea

    6. Nedles

    7. Crocodile

    8. The spider

    9. A chimpanzee

    10. The ostrich

  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 3


    1. Which is the best swimmer - the parrot, peacock or penguin?

    2. All snakes are deadly to humans - true or false?

    3. Adult insects renew their outer body cases as they get older - true or false?

    4. Is a salamander closer to a newt or an alligator?

    5. Do eagles eat meat or plants?

    6. Is a male elephant called a bull or a stag?

    7. Is ketchup made from carrots or tomatoes?

    8. Is a cockle a type of bird or shellfish?

    9. Do seals have legs or flippers?

    10. Do tortoises live on land or in water?



    1. The penguin

    2. False

    3. False

    4. More like a newt

    5. Meat

    6. A bull

    7. Tomatoes

    8. Shellfish

    9. Flippers

    10. On land

  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 4


    1. Do frogs hunt mainly by smell, hearing or sight?

    2. Which is larger, a duck or a goose?

    3. Are scorpions plant-eaters?

    4. Do any frogs climb trees?

    5. Are acorns seeds of the oak or the holly tree?

    6. Can seagulls swim underwater?

    7. Which is larger, the African or the Asian elephant?

    8. Do earthworms eat insects or dead plant material?

    9. Gorillas catch and eat monkeys - true or false?

    10. Do seals give birth at sea or on land?



    1. Sight

    2. A goose

    3. No (they eat insects and spiders)

    4. Yes

    5. The oak

    6. Can seagulls swim underwater?

    7. The African elephant

    8. Dead plant material

    9. False - they are vegetarians

    10. On land

  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 5


    1. Can fish find their way in the dark?

    2. What is a Gecko - a Lizard, Snake, or Turtle?

    3. Housefly, scorpion, spider - which is the insect?

    4. Which type of animal was Winnie the Pooh's friend Eeyore?

    5. What are the fruits of roses called - haws, hips or sloes?

    6. Do swallows fly north or south for in autumn?

    7. Can snakes mimic the squeaks of their mice prey?

    8. many bats spend the day in caves - true or false?

    9. Which animal provides the liquid from which most butter is made?

    10. Do mussels swim freely or stay fixed to rocks?



    1. Yes - using water pressure change

    2. A lizard

    3. Housefly

    4. A donkey

    5. Hips

    6. South

    7. No - they only hiss

    8. True

    9. The cow

    10. Stay fixed to rocks

  • Animals - Easy General Knowledge 6


    1. In the fairy tale, which bird laid golden eggs?

    2. Does a crocodile have three or five toes on each front foot?

    3. Are centipedes hunters or vegetarians?

    4. Which furry animal flies on wings of skin?

    5. Do coconuts grow underground or on trees?

    6. Do all birds have beaks?

    7. Which snake's head can be as big as a human's - the king combra or vine snake?

    8. Is a jellyfish a plant or an animal?

    9. Mammals feed milk to their babies - true or false?

    10. Does the gorilla live in jungles or deserts?



    1. A goose

    2. Five

    3. Hunters

    4. The bat

    5. On trees

    6. Yes

    7. The king cobra

    8. An animal

    9. True

    10. Jungles

  • Entertainment - General Knowledge

    1. Who played Popeye in the 1980 film?

    2. Who played Rose Sayer in 'The African Queen'?

    3. Who played Sally Bowles in the 1972 film 'Cabaret'?

    4. Who played the Amazing Dr Clitterhouse in the 1938 Anatole Litvak film?

    5. Who played the cowboy gigolo in 'Midnight Cowboy'?

    6. Who played the female rock star in the 1980 film 'Breaking Glass'?

    7. Who played the male lead in François Truffaut's 1959 'A Bout De Souffle'? 

    8. Who played the three roles in the 1964 fukn of Harold Pinter's play 'The Caretaker'?

    9. Who played young Jane Banks in 'Mary Poppins'?

    10. Who played Vincent Van Gogh in 'Lust for Life'?

    11. Who played teenage stage stars in the 1939 Busby Berkely film 'Babes in Arms'?

    12. Who starred in 'Lady Sings the Blues'?

    13. Who starred in 'Repo Man' and 'Paris, Texas'?

    14. Who starred in 'Rollerball' and 'The Gambler'?

    15. Who starred in Fassbinder's 1974 film 'Effi Briest'?

     1. Robin Williams

    2. Katherine Hepburn

    3. Liza Minnelli 

    4. Edward G Robinson

    5. Jon Voight

    6. Hazel O'Connor

    7. Jean-Paul Belmondo

    8. Alan Bates, Robert Shaw and Donald Pleasence

    9. Karen Dotrice

    10. Kirk Douglas

    11. Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

    12. Diana Ross

    13. Henry Dean Stanton

    14. James Caan

    15. Hanna Schygulla

  • General Knowledge - Pop Music

    1. What was the Rubettes' only UK No.1 Single?

    2. Which brass band had a No.2 hit in 1977 with 'The Floral Dance'?

    3. Which famous harmonica player appeared with Kate Bush on 'The Man I Love'?

    4. Which American group had a hit in 1966 with their version of 'She's Not There'?

    5. Which group  made an album called 'What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits'?

    6. Which sisters saw mommy kissing Santa?

    7. Which US female singer made a song called 'Fly Too High'?

    8. Who asked when will there be a harvest for the world?

    9. Who did 'Whoomph! (There It Is)'?

    10. Who had a hit in the '50s and '60s and the '70s with 'Deck of Cards'?

    11. Who had a hit single and album called 'Happy Together'?

    12. What was Johnny Kidd and Pirates' only UK No.1?

    13. Who had a hit with 'Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)'?

    14. Who had a hit with their album 'In Utero'?

    15. Who had a No.3 hit in 1978 with 'My Best Friend's Girl'?


    1. 'Sugar Baby Love'

    2. Brighouse and the Rasterick

    3. Larry Adler

    4. Santana

    5. The Doobie Brothers

    6. The Beverley Sisters

    7. Janis Ian

    8. The Isley Brothers

    9. Clock

    10. Wink Martindale

    11. The Turtles

    12. 'Shakin' Al Over'

    13. John Fred and the Playboy Band

    14. Nirvana

    15. The Cars

  • General Knowledge - TV Pot Luck 8

  • Geography: General Knowledge


    1. In which African country do the inhabitants speak English and spend shillings?

    2. The River Danube rises in which country?

    3. Which US state has borders with Kansas, Illinois and Arkansas?

    4. The Levant is a general name given to the eastern shores of which sea?

    5. Where in Britain would you find Aubrey holes, bluestone horseshoe and avenue ditch?

    6. Which tourist attraction is to be found in Tuscany on the River Arno?

    7. Which US state has the sugar maple as its state tree and is the lading US producer of maple syrup?

    8. The address of which country's Prime Minister is at 24 Sussex Drive?

    9. In which Central American republic would you be if you were travelling between the towns of San Miguel and San Vicente?

    10. The Moselle River forms part of the border between Germany and which other country?

    11. In which US state is Fresno?

    12. Which country nicknamed 'The Cockpit of Europe' because of the number of battles throughout history fought on its soil?

    13. What is the capital of Libya?

    14. In which US State is Milwaukee?

    15. Which province an ancient kingdom in the Republic of Ireland consists of the countries Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo?



    1. Tanzania

    2. Germany

    3. Missouri

    4. Mediterranean

    5. Stonehenge 

    6. The Leaning Tower os Pisa

    7. Vermont

    8. Canada

    9. El Salvador

    10. Luxembourg

    11. California

    12. Belgium

    13. Tripoli

    14. Wisconsin

    15. Connaught

  • History - General Knowledge 1

    1. Name the Carthaginian general who defeated the Romans at the Battle of Cannae?

    2. What sort of tax sparked the Peasants' Revolt in 1381?

    3. Which country left the British Commonwealth in 1961?

    4. Which famous Russian dissident was released from internal exile in 1986?

    5. Which French leader is buried at Colombey les Deux Eglises?

    6. Which King planted the New Forest?

    7. Which laws of 1797 made trade unions punishable as a conspiracy? 

    8. Which war lasted 116 years?

    9. Who ordered the waves to go back?

    10. Who raided Cadiz in 1587 and destroyed a large part on the Spanish fleet?

    11. Who was Earl of Beaconsfield?

    12. At which battle did Napoleon beat the Austrians?

    13. In which battle was Nelson killed?

    14. Of which country was Paul Keating Prime Minister?

    15. What did the Romans call the Mediterranean sea?

    1. Hannibal

    2. A poll tax

    3. South Africa

    4. Andrei Sakharov

    5. Charles de Gaulle

    6. William I

    7. The Combination Acts

    8. The Hundred Years War

    9. King Canute

    10. Sir Francis Drake

    11. Benjamin Disraeli

    12. Marengo

    13. Trafalgar

    14. Australia

    15. Mare Nostrum


  • Music - General Knowledge


    1. In The Little Mermaid which character sings Under The Sea?

    2. Which former teen idol provides the singing voice for Captain Li Shang in Mulan?

    3. Which Disney movie featured a number called the Chimney-Sweep Ballet?

    4. Nominated for an Oscar, the song The Age Of Not Believing featured in which 1971 Disney movie?

    5. Which famous animation movie featured the Oscar-nominated song Love Is A Song?

    6. Which 1941 film featured another Oscar-nominated song Baby Mine?

    7. In the 1992 movie Aladdin, which character sings the song Prince Ali?

    8. Apart from the end title duet, the theme song for Beauty and The Beast is sung by which character whose voice is provided by Angela Lansbury?

    9. Hayley Mills achieved minor chart success with which song featured in the 1961 movie The Parent Trap?

    10. Which 1940 film featured music by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Stravinsky and others?

    11. Which movie featured the song Hakuna Matata?

    12. Featured in Lady And The Tramp which female vocalist sang He's A Tramp?

    13. And which singing 'superstar' sings the theme for The Emperor's New Groove?

    14. Which 1946 film featured Zip-a-dee Doo-Dah?

    15. Which 1997 film features the songs Zero to Hero and A Star Is Born?



    1. Sebastian

    2. Donny Osmond

    3. Mary Poppins

    4. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

    5. Bambi

    6. Dumbo

    7. The Genie

    8. Mrs. Potts

    9. Let's Get Together

    10. Fantasia

    11. The Lion King

    12. Peggy Lee

    13. Tom Jones

    14. Song Of The South

    15. Hercules

  • Music - Groups and General Knowledge


    1. Of which band was Justin Timberland a member before launching his solo career?

    2. Which band featured Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams?

    3. Which group had '70s hits with September and Boogie Wonderland?

    4. What nationality were Ottoman, who had a hit in 1980 with D. I.S.C.O?

    5. Which hit song of 1980 by The Police begins: 'Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy"?

    6. What is the name of Eminem's band?

    7. Which rap star's real name is Sean Coombs?

    8. On which television program did Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake appear together?

    9. What was the title of the only hit for the Charlie Daniels Band?

    10. Who wrote the song, 'They didn't believe me'?

    11. Which hit of the 60s begins: 'We skipped the light fandango'?

    12. Who sang lead vocals on Python Lee Jackson's 1972 hit 'In a Broken Dream'?

    13. Which Dave Clark Five hit begins: 'You say that you love me'?

    14. Who composed the theme to the television series Inspector Morse?

    15. Complete the group name: Archie Bell and...



    1. N*Sync

    2. Destiny's Child

    3. Earth Wind and Fire

    4. French

    5. 'Don't Stand So Close To Me'

    6. D-12

    7. P Diddy

    8. Mickey Mouse Club

    9. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    10. Jerome Kern

    11. 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' (Procol Harum)

    12. Rod Stewart

    13. 'Glad All Over'

    14. Barrington Pheloung

    15. The Drell

  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 1


    1. Where in the body is the labyrinth?
    2. What is the common name for ascorbic acid?
    3. Complete this quotation from Voltaire: 'If God did not exist...'
    4. Americans call it a faucet. What do the British call it?
    5. How are the first five books of the bible known collectively?
    6. Who designed the dome of St. Peter's, Rome?
    7. What is the unit of currency in Poland?
    8. Which two elements make up water?
    9. Who was the captain of the Pequod in Mody Dick?
    10. What colour is a New York taxi?
    11. Which two letters are worth ten points in the board game Scrabble?
    12. Which useful household item is made from naphthalene?
    13. What is measured on the Beaufort scale?
    14. Which creatures live in a formicary?
    15. Which bandleader died in an air crash over the English Channel during World War II?
    16. What is the other name for the Jewish day of Atonement?
    17. What was writer Charles Dodgson's pseudonym?
    18. If an American footballer talked about his 'zippers' what would he mean?
    19. Where would you find the 'ocean of storms'?
    20. What is the pirate's flag with the skull and cross-bones called?
    21. Where is the original Harris tweed spun and woven?
    22. What do climbers call a peak higher the 914, (3,000 ft)?
    23. The famous Gurkha soldiers are known for carrying a particular type of large knife. What is this knife called?
    24. Which bird is the international symbol of happiness?
    25. What is the centuries old art clipping hedges into various ornamental shapes traditionally called?



    1. The ear
    2. Vitamin C
    3. ' would be necessary to invent him'
    4. A tap
    5. Pentateuch
    6. Michelangelo
    7. Zloty
    8. Hydrogen and oxygen
    9. Captain Ahab
    10. Yellow
    11. Q and Z
    12. Mothballs
    13. Wind velocity
    14. Ants
    15. Glenn Miller
    16. Yom Kippur
    17. Lewis Carroll
    18. Scars
    19. On the moon
    20. Jolly Roger
    21. Outer Hebrides
    22. A munro
    23. The kukri
    24. Bluebird
    25. Topiary
  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 34 (25 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 34 (25 Questions).


    1. Carl and the Passions changed their band name to what?

    2.How many rings are on the Olympic flag?

    3.What colour is vermilion a shade of?

    4. King Zog ruled which country?

    5.What is the colour of Spock from Star-trek'sblood?

    6.Where in your body is your patella located?

    7.Where can you find the London bridge today?

    8.What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule?

    9.Who was the first man in space?

    10.What would you do with a Yashmak?

    11.Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?

    12. A famous mammal from television called Flipper was what kind of animal?

    13.Who's band was The Quarrymen?

    14.Which was the most successful Grand National horse?

    15.Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?

    16.What is Dick Grayson's superhero alias?

    17.What does a funambulist do?

    18.Who was the first man to fly across the channel?

    19.Who invented the television?

    20.What was the name of inn in Treasure Island?

    21.Who wrote Gone with the Wind?

    22.What does 'ring a ring a roses' refer to?

    23. What fictional character's nose grows when he tells a lie?

    24.Which award has the words for valour on it?

    25. What company does Bill Gates own?



    1. The Beach Boys.

    2.There are five.

    3. The colour red.


    5.His blood is green.

    6. Your kneecap.

    7.In Arizona, United States.


    9.Yuri Gagarin.

    10.You wear it; it's an Arab viel.


    12. A dolphin.

    13.John Lennon.

    14.Red Rum.

    15.Lee Majors.


    17.They're a tightrope walker.

    18.Louis Bleriot.

    19.John Logie Baird.

    20.Admiral Benbow.

    21.Margaret Mitchell.

    22.The Black Death; a famous plague.


    24.TheVictoria Cross award.

    25. Microsoft.



  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 35 (25 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 35 (25 Questions).


    1. What do Ictheologists study?

    2. Who or what lives in a formicarium?

    3. What did Christopher Cockerel invent?

    4. Who did Ray Bolger play in The Wizard of Oz?

    5. Who wrote the Man in the Iron Mask?

    6. Which 1993 Disney film starred Bet Middler as a witch?

    7. What is the largest state in the USA?

    8. Who won the World Series in 1987?

    9. Which chess piece is named after a member of the church?

    10. What family of plants does broccoli belong to?

    11. What is the national flower of Japan? 

    12. Who discovered blood circulation?

    13. If someone said they were from Hellas - which country would this be?

    14. What animals name translates as 'water horse'?

    15. What is the longest river in Italy?

    16. Who won the Superbowl in 1989?

    17. Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero?

    18. Linus Torwalds invented and wrote what operating system?

    19. Who was the Roman goddess of the hearth?

    20. Who sold Louisiana to the USA in 1803?

    21. What is the first day of Lent called?

    22. Which country has the smallest birth rate?

    23. What colour is the bull on an archery target?

    24. What were the first false teeth made from?

    25. What is the worlds most widely used vegetable?




    1. They study fish.

    2. Ants do.

    3. The hovercraft.

    4. Scarecrow.

    5. Alexander Dumas.

    6. Hocus Pocus.

    7. Alaska.

    8. Minnesota twins.

    9. A Bishop.

    10. Cabbage.

    11. Chrysanthemum.

    12. William Harvey.

    13. Greece.

    14. Hippopotamus.

    15. The Po river.

    16. The San Fransisco 49ers.

    17. The Flash.

    18. Linux.

    19. Vesta.

    20. Napoleon.

    21. Ash Wednesday.

    22. Vatican City.

    23. Gold (or yellow).

    24. Ivory.

    25. Onions.

  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 36 (15 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 36 (15 Questions).


    1. Name the American astronaut who, in 1984, became the first man to make an 'untethered' spacewalk.

    2. Which inlet of the Firth of Clyde was the site of a US Polaris nuclear submarine base from 1961 until 1992?

    3. The son of a celebrated archeologist, he was the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra from 1922 until his death in 1954.  Can you name him?

    4. What type of Australian eucalyptus tree is mentioned in the song Waltzing Matilda?

    5. Who, in May 1996, was made an honorary citizen of Warsaw?

    6. The Kuiper Crater is on which planet?

    7. Walker Smith was the real name of which famous world welter and middleweight boxing champion of the 1940s and 1950s?

    8. And which world heavyweight boxing champion, he won the title at the age of 37, was born Arnold Cream?

    9. Situated on both banks of the Karun river, Ahvaz is a city in which country?

    10. Name the feminist, a constant companion of Jean-Paul Sartre, who wrote The Second Sex?

    11. Often seen in the 17th and 18th centuries, what was peruke? 

    12. In the Jewish religion, what name is given to scrolls which contain the text of the Pentateuch?

    13. What nationality was the first pilot to be saved by an ejector seat?

    14. Born in Scotland, who was Canada's first Prime Minister?

    15. In the story of Peter Pan, Peter has to return to the Darling's house because on his first visit he left without what?




    1. Bruce McCandless.

    2. Holy Loch.

    3. Wilhelm Furtwangler.

    4. Coolaba.

    5. Pope John Paul II.

    6. Mercury.

    7. Sugar Ray Robinson.

    8. Jersey Joe Walcott.

    9. Iran.

    10. Simone De Beauvoir.

    11. A wig.

    12. Torah.

    13. Swedish.

    14. John Alexander MacDonald.

    15. His shadow.


  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 37 (15 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 37 (15 Questions).


    1. Which two bodies of water are connected by the Straits of Florida?

    2. What name is given to the first six books of the Bible?

    3. What nationality is motor racer Mario Andretti?

    4. Who famously sailed in HMS Beagle?

    5. In which US state is Appomattox Court House National Park?

    6. What type of song is a doxology?

    7. All Souls College is part of which university?

    8. Who was the wife of William the Conqueror who is said to have designed the Bayeux Tapestry?

    9. What does the letter B stand for in author J. B. Priestley's name?

    10. Who was the legendary son of British king Luther Pendragon?

    11. The Cordillera Isabella is the highest mountain range of which Central American Republic? 

    12. Who succeeded Dag Hammarskjold as UN Secretary General?

    13. Zanzibar is an island of which country?

    14. A 'nuncio' is an ambassador of which person?

    15. What word refers to the 'restructuring' of the Soviet System?




    1. Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

    2. Hexateuch.

    3. American.

    4. Charles Darwin.

    5. Virginia.

    6. Hymn.

    7. Oxford.

    8. Mathilda of Flanders.

    9. Boynton.

    10. Arthur.

    11. Nicaragua.

    12. U-Thant.

    13. Tanzania.

    14. The Pope.

    15. Perestroika.


  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 38 (15 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 38 (15 Questions).


    1. What pseudonym was used by two cousins, Frederic Danny and Manfred B. Lee, who were writers of crime fiction?

    2. Who wrote the music for the Threepenny Opera?

    3. Which entertainer was known as the 'Last of the Red Hot Mamas'?

    4. Who was Richard Nixon's vice-president when he came to power in 1968?

    5. Who played Soames Forsyte in the classic 1960s TV saga?

    6. Who was the actress who had an affair with Britain's Heritage Secretary David Mellor in 1992?

    7. Which one of Britain's notorious gangster Kray twins died first in 1995?

    8. A zander is a type of which creature?

    9. In which country is Sebastopol?

    10. What is the name of the fluid portion of white blood in which blood cells are suspended?

    11. The SI unit of force is named after which scientist? 

    12. Who is the patron saint of Russia?

    13. Which cricketer, knighted in 1953, was a famous opening batsman with his partner Herbert Sutcliffe?

    14. From which Spanish soccer league team was Emmanuel Petit transferred to Chelsea for £7.5 million in 2001?

    15. Tralee is the administrative centre for which Irish county?




    1. Ellery Queen.

    2. Kurt Weill.

    3. Sophie Tucker.

    4. Spiro Agnew.

    5. Eric Porter.

    6. Antonia de Sanchez.

    7. Ronnie.

    8. Fish.

    9. Ukraine.

    10. Plasma.

    11. Newton.

    12. St. Nicholas.

    13. Jack Hobbs.

    14. Barcelona.

    15. Kerry.


  • Pot Luck - General Knowledge 40 (15 Questions)

    Pot Luck - General Knowledge 40 (15 Questions).


    1. Which French author wrote Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth?

    2. Which Italian city lies at the foot go Mount Vesuvius opposite ancient Pompeii?

    3. Which cricket team gave the West Indies their first ever 5-0 Test series defeat in 1999?

    4. What is the largest planet in our solar system?

    5. According to Muslims, who was the last of the prophets?

    6. In which country was Adolf Hitler born?

    7. What is the second largest of the Balearic islands?

    8. Which singer plays the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth?

    9. What name is given to a wind reaching force 12 on the Beaufort scale?

    10. Which port did Abuja replace as the capital of Nigeria?

    11. Which West Indian island is politically divided between the Dominican Republic and Haiti? 

    12. What is the world's longest railway?

    13. What nationality is the conductor Karl Rickenbacher?

    14. Jugendstil was the German form of which art movement?

    15. Which unit of length is equal to the mean distance between the earth and the sun?




    1. Jules Verne.

    2. Naples.

    3. South Africa.

    4. Jupiter.

    5. Mohammed.

    6. Austria.

    7. Minorca.

    8. David Bowie.

    9. Hurricane.

    10. Lagos.

    11. Hispaniola.

    12. The Trans-Siberian Railway.

    13. Swiss.

    14. Art Nouveau.

    15. Astronomical unit.