1. Which country is the world's largest producer of cheese?
    2. How many bottles of Champagne are there in a magnum?
    3. From which country does 'Blood's Blood' come?
    4. What type of milk does into Roquefort cheese?
    5. Commandaria St. John is the oldest known named wine and has been made since the 12th century. In which country is it made?
    6. What do wine buffs call the scent given off by wine?
    7. The bland cheese called Baby Bel was invented in 1931 in which country?
    8. In which country are the wine=producing areas of Little Karoo, Ladysmith, Worcester and Montagu?
    9. Which type of wine usually accompanies fish.
    10. What word is used to describe a wine with a high alcohol content?
    11. What do the Portuguese call the 'Englishman's wine'? 
    12. Which cheese, eaten all over the world, is transported in cylindrical wood-chip boxes?
    13. What colour grapes are used to make white wine?
    14. The Rhenish wine, hock, takes it name from which German town?
    15. What type of cheese is Dolcelatte.
    16. How should bottles of wine be stored?
    17. Which hard cheese is made from unpasteurised milk in certain provinces of the Po valley in Italy and matured from one to four years?
    18. What does Appellation Origine Controllee on a bottle of French wine signify?
    19. What is a non-vintage wine?
    20. What is stored in a bodega?
    21. Which European country is the world's largest wine producer?
    22. What type of cheeses are native American products such as Colby, Monterey Jack and Tillamook?
    23. The quality of champagne, which is made only in a small area of France, is due to the great depth of what soil?
    24. When sold in the United States, the Italian cheese Bel Paese has a map of the western hemisphere on the packet. What does the British packaging show?
    25. Which English cheese, factory-made as early as 1870, is better known in its sage-flavoured, green coloured version than its original form?


    1. United States
    2. Two
    3. Hungary
    4. Ewe's milk
    5. Cyprus
    6. Bouquet
    7. France
    8. South Africa
    9. Dry white wine
    10. Robust
    11. Port
    12. Camembert
    13. Any colour
    14. Hochheim, on the River Main
    15. Soft blue cow's milk cheese
    16. On their sides, preferably in the dark
    17. Parmesan
    18. It is a guarantee that quality wine comes from a defined area
    19. A blend of wine from different years
    20. Sherry
    21. Italy
    22. Cheddar
    23. Chalk
    24. Map of Italy
    25. Derby
  • Questions


    1.  In what foodstuff is gluten found?

    2.  Which vitamin do children with rickets lack?

    3.  In 1897 a Swiss doctor invented a breakfast food which was a mixture or grain, fruit and nuts.  What is it called?

    4.  TVP is a meat substitute.  What do the initials stand for?

    5.  Babies are born with quite soft bones.  What do we give them to provide calcium to harden the bones?

    6.  What is the name of the mild-flavoured bean curd which looks rather like white blancmange?

    7.  In which foods is vitamin C mainly found?

    8.  Why do we pasteurise milk?

    9.  What re the names of the substances that make up proteins?

    10.  What name is given to a diet that cuts out all food known to cause allergic reaction or sensitivity?

    11.  Carrots supply carotene from which the body can make which vitamin?

    12.  What type of food is Quark?

    13.  The 'Zen' diet is based on foods divided into two basic groups, Yin and Yang, representing negative and positive elements.  What is the other name for the diet?

    14.  Scurvy is caused by the lack of which vitamin into the body?

    15.  What is the name given to the eating disorder leading to dramatic weight loss?

    16.  Vegemite, especially popular in Australia, is one of the richest known sources of B complex vitamins.  What is it?

    17.  Carob is used as a health-conscious substitute for what?

    18.  The additive tartrazine has been linked with hyperactivity in children.  What is it?

    19.  Liver is high in which vitamin.

    20.  Which disease results from iron deficiency?

    21.  Cirrhosis of the liver is linked with what?

    22.  The 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome' is the name given to dizziness and headaches caused by eating a lot of food with what additive?

    23.  Vegans are at risk of a shortage of which vitamin?

    24.  What enables the body to make vitamin D?

    25.  In healthy eating, what do the initials RDI stand for?




    1.  Wheat

    2.  Vitamin D

    3.  Muesli

    4.  Textured vegetables protein

    5.  Milk

    6.  Tofu

    7.  Fresh fruit and vegetables

    8.  To destroy harmful bacteria

    9.  Amino acids

    10.  Elimination diet

    11.  Vitamin A

    12.  Low-fat cheese

    13.  Macrobiotic

    14.  Vitamin C

    15.  Anorexia nervosa

    16.  Yeast extract

    17.  Chocolate

    18.  Yellow colouring

    19.  Vitamin A

    20.  Anaemia

    21.  Heavy drinking and malnutrition

    22.  Monosodium glutamate

    23.  Vitamin B12

    24.  When sunlight falls on the skin

    25.  Recommended daily intake


    1. In Shakespear's Hamlet, which herb is said to be 'for remembrance' ?
    2. Is parsley an annual, biennial or perennial plant ?
    3. Is French or Russian tarragon normally used in cooking ?
    4. In which two European countries is caraway often used to to flavour breads and pastries ?
    5. What is the main problem with growing mint in the garden ?
    6. From which flower does the expensive spice of saffron come from ?
    7. Which of the following plants are hardy annuals: sage, borage, chives, sorrell, dill ?
    8. In what form is angelica normally used for decorating cakes and desserts ?
    9. The traditional French blend of 'fines herbes' includes chervil, chives and tarragon. What is the fourth herb ?
    10. Which herb was regarded as a symbol of immortality by the Greeks and Romans ?
    11. Fresh coriander leaves are used in Indian cookery and the rest of the plant can also be cooked and eaten. Which vegetable family does it belong to ?
    12. Which herb is used to flavour the tomato-based sauce on pizza ?
    13. Sage is now a familiar herb in the kitchen. What was its main purpose in the Middle Ages ?
    14. Which is milder: American mustard or Dijon mustard ?
    15. With which type of dish would you use lemon balm as a flavouring ?
    16. What type of soil does thyme prefer ?
    17. In the Middle East, cardamom is used in coffee and in Europe it flavours cakes. In France and the United States, its oil is used for a purpose unconnected with cookery. What do they use it for ?
    18. With what type of food are juniper berries most often used ?
    19. Which part of a ginger plant does the spice come from ?
    20. What is a mixture of dried thyme, bay and parsley enclosed in a muslin bag called ?
    21. Which herb sends cats into ecstasies ?
    22. What type of flavour does the vegetable fennel have ?
    23. Camomile is often used in herbal tea. What is it said to promote ?
    24. The curry plant has a very spicy aroma and silver leaves. What colour are the flowers of the plant ?
    25. Which of the following is not a herb or spice, savoury, soapwort, soy, sassafras ?



    1. Rosemary
    2. Biennial
    3. French
    4. Germany and Austria
    5. It spreads rapidly
    6. Crocus
    7. Borage and Dill
    8. Crystallised
    9. Parsley
    10. Tansy
    11. Carrot family
    12. Oregano
    13. Medicinal
    14. American
    15. Fish and poultry
    16. Well-drained lime or chalk
    17. Herbal Aromatherapy
    18. Game
    19. The underground rhizome
    20. Bouquet garni
    21. Catnip or catmint
    22. Aniseed
    23. Relaxation and sleep
    24. Yellow
    25. Soy is a condiment made from fermented soya beans