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    1. The highest note can be reached by which female voice?
    2. Which composer, from an Australian family of musicians, was known as the 'Waltz king'?
    3. In which country was the composer Debussy born?
    4. What does the musical term fortissimo mean?
    5. Arthur Sullivan wrote the music for the famous Savoy Operas? Who wrote the words?
    6. Nijinsky was one of the greatest of all ballet dancers. Why did his career come to a premature end?
    7. In which city did jazz have its origins?
    8. Musical instruments are divided into four classes. Strings, wind instruments and keyboard are three of them. What is the fourth?
    9. Which aria from Puccini's Madame Butterfly has become an 'opera pop song'?
    10. At what age did Mozart die?
    11. What does the musical term lento mean?
    12. Which composer wrote the Emperor Concerto and the Ninth Symphony?
    13. Which Tchaikovsky ballet has Princess Aurora as a heroine?
    14. A plectrum is used to play which music instrument?
    15. What is a paradiddle?
    16. Who wrote the Enigma Variations and The Dream of Gerontius?
    17. What were Bach's given names?
    18. Which dancer was strangled by her own scarf?
    19. Who wrote the opera Gloriana in honor of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953?
    20. Which ballet uses music by Chopin?
    21. In which opera is the heroine a girl who works in a cigarette factory?
    22. What nationality was the composer Delius, who dies in 1934?
    23. How many strings does a violin have?
    24. Which ballerina was famous for her solo performance in The Dying Swan?
    25. In which city is the famous opera house, La Scala?



    1. Soprano
    2. Johann Strauss
    3. France
    4. Very loud
    5. W.S. Gilbert
    6. He suffered from mental illness
    7. New Orleans
    8. Percussion
    9. One Fine Day
    10. 35
    11. Slow
    12. Ludwig van Beethoven
    13. Sleeping Beauty
    14. Guitar
    15. A drum roll
    16. Elgar
    17. Johann Sebastian
    18. Isadora Duncan
    19. Benjamin Britten
    20. Les Sylphides
    21. Carmen
    22. English
    23. Four
    24. Anna Pavlova
    25. Milan