• Questions:

    1. Which seaside resort has Lanes and a nudist beach

    2. Which Page Three blonde is Swindon's most famous export?

    3. In which part of London is the Natural History Museum?

    4. Where is the National Spinal Injuries Unit?

    5. In which country is Sizewell nuclear power station?

    6. What is Britain's longest tunnel?

    7. The Old Bailey is on site of which former prison?

    8. Where in London would a Canary sit on Dogs?

    9. What is a native of Shropshire called?

    10. What is Salisbury Plain primarily used for?

    11. In which two counties is Constable Country?

    12. Where is the Clifton Suspension Bridge?

    13. Spaghetti Junction is on which road?

    14. Which Somerset Town is said to be the burial place of King Arthur?

    15. Which bell was named after Benjamin Hall?

    16. What is sold at Spitalfields market?

    17. What is the former name of Sellafield?

    18. Which animals are kept in the Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace?

    19. Holy Loch is an inlet of which river?

    20. Which city has an annual goose fair?

    21. In which English county is Europe's largest stone circle?

    22. Which castle is at the west end of the Royal Mile?

    23. How is the Sunday market in London's Middlesex Street better known?

    24. Which Cambridgeshire hospital is famous for its transplant surgery?

    25. Speaker's Corner is on the corner of what?

    26. Where is the administrative headquarters of the Grampain region?

    27. Which city has a famous Royal Crescent?

    28. The Goodwin Sands are at the entrance to which straits?

    29. Where is the DVLC?

    30. Where is the Temple Meads railway station?



    1. Brighton

    2. Melinda Messenger

    3. South Kensington

    4. Stoke Mandeville

    5. Suffolk

    6. Severn Tunnel

    7. Newgate

    8. Canary Wharf (Isle of Dogs)

    9. Salopian

    10. Army exercises

    11. Essex & Suffolk

    12. Bristol

    13. M6

    14. Glastonbury

    15. Big Ben

    16. Fruit, vegetables and flowers

    17. Windscale

    18. Horses

    19. Clyde

    20. Nottingham

    21. Wiltshire

    22. Edinburgh

    23. Petticoat Lane

    24. Papworth

    25. Hyde Park

    26. Aberdeen

    27. Bath

    28. Straits of Dover

    29. Swansea

    30. Bristol